Natascha Shah, India’s leading wellness expert shares the most effective ways to manifest

14 March, 2023 | newsx bureau

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A certified Inner Child Healer, Breathwork facilitator Manifestation Coach, and the Founder of the wellness brand, Moonlit, and Co. explains what is manifestation and how to practice it.

Manifestation is the practice of using the power of your thoughts, focus, and creative energy to attract things into your life. It’s based upon the Law of Attraction which states that our thoughts define our life; we attract whatever we think.

Here are some effective tools for manifestation

  1. Affirmations and visualisation meditations

Close your eyes, take long deep breaths, relax your body, and start visualizing a scene where whatever you want has come to you- you are living that moment where your dream has come true. Connect to that feeling of joy, excitement, gratitude, and fulfillment. Say your affirmations out loud in the present tense. For example: I am living my best life.

  1. Scripting

This tool involves writing in a journal, everything that you want. There is no rule except write it in the present tense. Get as creative as possible, write every little detail, from what you are feeling to what you are wearing, where you are, and who all are with you. Create different scenes each day. You are creating your life in an alternate plane, using the same creative energy that has created this world. Remember there is no limit!

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Drawing for manifestation
  1. Manifestation drawings

This is the most unique and powerful way to manifest since drawings involve more time, more focus, and more creative energy as compared to any other tool. Also, since we use sacred symbols from world mythologies that already have energy attached to them, it adds to the overall magic. I have created this method after a decade of research and practice and conducted workshops and one-on-one sessions on the same, explaining the symbols and how they work, also how to use them and create the drawings. These drawings have to be kept in your space and they keep working on your energy field, sending your positivity, magic, and protection and helping you move closer to your goals.

  1. Crystals and manifestation candles

These tools can be used to supplement your main practice. Crystals help manifest by balancing the energy points, removing hurdles, and changing your personal energy field. Manifestation candles that are infused with crystals, oils, and herbs work the same way.

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Healing Crystals

Whatever method you choose remember, before anything else, it is important to create space in your life and your mind by releasing your past blocks and traumas. Techniques like Inner Child Healing and Breathwork help with that. Release work can then be followed by manifestation practices. New Moon and the week before and after it is the most powerful time to attract.

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