Anurag Thakur Discusses Modi 3.0, Quota Policies, And The Battle Of Narratives | NewsX Exclusive

He also addressed Kejriwal’s interim bail and responded to allegations by the opposition regarding potential changes to the constitution……….Read More

Union Minister Anurag Thakur delved into his journey and the developmental work undertaken under the leadership of the Prime Minister in his Lok Sabha constituency of Hamirpur. He also addressed Kejriwal’s interim bail and responded to allegations by the opposition regarding potential changes to the constitution if the NDA government, led by PM Modi, were to return to power, in an exclusive conversation with NewsX:


Won 4 times and become a young Member of Parliament. Raised issues in Parliament. How much have the youth and water of the mountains helped?

“It has been incredibly beneficial because I’ve learned a lot from the mountains – both struggling and working with honesty. We’ve received blessings from the public four times, and we’ve made efforts to develop Himachal Pradesh and Hamirpur as parliamentary constituencies. Regarding water, we’ve initiated the Dhokasit project and constructed beautiful lakes near Bilaspur. On one side, we’ve established a hydro-engineering college amidst the mountains, and on the other, we’ve built a 17,000-crore AIIMS hospital. So, both the youth and water of the mountains have been extremely helpful.”

How tough is the competition with Congress In His Constituency?

He expressed his seriousness towards every election, regardless of its intensity, emphasizing his strategic approach. He mentioned that the focus of the current election is to highlight the achievements of the Modi government and garner the support of the public. He stated his belief that the public is observing the accomplishments of Narendra Modi, which, according to him, surpass what the Congress achieved in its 60-year tenure.

What was the Anurag Model & What will Anurag Model 2.0 look like?

A: “We implement some programs that are different from government programs, such as the Sansad Mobile Swasthya Seva. Thirty vehicles run daily, and we go to villages, providing free check-ups, treatment, and medicines. No one in the country has done this. We’ve arranged free check-ups and treatment for over 10 lakh people.”

Congress dismisses BJP’s “400 Paar” slogan !

Congress will struggle to reach 40, while Modi will surpass 400.

Rahul Gandhi alleges BJP will abolish the constitution

“Congress disrespected the architect of the constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. From Nehru to Manmohan Singh, they’ve amended the constitution 62 times. Modi has been in power for 10 years – if he wanted to change it, he would have already. But he hasn’t, and won’t.”

The Dream Project – That the railway reaches Hamirpur?

“We’ve conducted its survey in a very short time, but the state government hasn’t responded to the letter sent by the central government. We’re continuously urging them to cooperate, but the Himachal government isn’t participating.”

Arvind Kejriwal got bail. Will that make any difference?

“Kejriwal hasn’t been proven guilty; he’s only received interim bail to campaign for the elections.”

Mani Shankar Aiyar’s Comment On Pakistan’s Atom Bomb

“This reflects Congress’s mentality – they seem to have a soft spot for Pakistan.”

The population report

“Ask Congress why they say that the rights of the minority – Muslims – come first when it comes to the country’s resources.”

In conclusion, Union Minister Anurag Thakur’s insights offer a compelling narrative of leadership, development, and political dynamics, underscoring his commitment to progress and governance.

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