Army Chief Highlights Modernization Efforts Through Emergency Procurement Powers

Speaking at a seminar, General Pande shedded light on the crucial impact of these acquisitions on enhancing operational capabilities.

General Manoj Pande, the Army Chief, emphasized on Wednesday that the emergency procurement powers granted by the government have significantly aided the modernization efforts of the Indian armed forces. Speaking at a seminar that was themed “Year of Technology Absorption – Empowering the Soldier” and was organized by the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) at the Manekshaw Centre, General Pande shedded light on the crucial impact of these acquisitions on enhancing operational capabilities.

“The emergency procurement powers granted by the government across four tranches have facilitated our modernization efforts, with contracts worth Rs 18,000 crore signed under this provision. These equipment are now actively deployed along our borders,” stated General Manoj Pande during the seminar.

Acknowledging the transformative influence of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber capabilities, big data analytics, and electronic warfare, General Pande pressed on the growing necessity of the cognitive domain in reshaping and reorganizing the armed forces.

“To enhance mobility and protection, our procurements encompass a range of critical assets, including Light Strike Vehicles, Light Specialist Vehicles, and Bulletproof Jackets. Additionally, we are augmenting battlefield situational awareness through Border Surveillance Systems and Nano Drones,” elaborated General Pande.

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He further elaborated on the deployment of advanced capabilities like Swarm Drones, Loiter Munitions, and next-generation Artillery platforms such as the 155mm MGS, TGS, K9 Vajra, and ATAGS for precise target acquisition and engagement. The Indian Army’s indigenous procurement initiatives extend to essential equipment like light vehicles and bulletproof jackets, contributing greatly towards bolstering operational readiness.

General Pande also underlined the advancement in the night fighting capabilities through the adoption of state-of-the-art night vision devices and the continuous improvement in the communication systems.

Earlier this month, on April 23, General Pande delivered the keynote address at AIMA’s 9th National Leadership Conclave on ‘Hard Power – Modernising Forces Through Self Reliance’. During this address, he elaborated on the Indian Army’s ongoing initiatives aimed at building a self-reliant, technology-enabled, and future-ready force aligned with the aspirations and goals of a rising India.