Can Narendra Modi Become The PM Again? Is The Retirement Rule In BJP Valid For Him?

Arvind Kejriwal flares a fresh controversy stating that PM Modi is not the face of PM from BJP. He said that PM Modi is not campaigning for himself but he is campaining……..

After Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal kicked off his first political campaign for Lok Sabha Election 2024 on May 11, he gave strong statements against the central government. He said that the Modi-led government has left no stone unturned to rub off the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the competition for fair elections. He also alleged that the BJP government is scared of AAP as it is just a 10-year-old party ruling 2 major states alone.

However, he later clarified that the BJP keeps poking and questioning that who is the face of the INDI Alliance? And who is the PM Candidate from the alliance? but who is the PM Candidate from the BJP government?

Arvind Kejriwal flares a fresh controversy stating that PM Modi is not the face of PM from BJP. He said that PM Modi is not campaigning for himself but campaigning for Amit Shah as he will be the face of PM From BJP.

Meanwhile, he reminded of the PM retirement rule the BJP brought in.“PM Modi will retire next year and it is not clear who will fulfill his guarantees. But I am going nowhere,” he said, pitching the polls as “Kejriwal ki guarantees versus Modi’s guarantees” he said.

“In 2014, Prime Minister Modi instituted a guideline within the BJP stipulating that leaders reaching the age of 75 would step down from their roles, relieving them of any responsibilities. Consequently, individuals such as LK Advani, MM Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan, Yashwant Sinha, and Rita Bahuguna Joshi were retired by this regulation. According to this directive, September 2025 marks the retirement age for PM Modi. Despite assertions from BJP officials suggesting that this regulation does not apply to him, these statements merely reflect the sentiments of the party leadership. PM Modi himself has yet to address this matter.”

Kejriwal remarked, “The precedent set by retiring LK Advani ji should also apply to the Prime Minister; I doubt he would exempt himself from this rule. Let the Prime Minister explicitly state that ‘this rule doesn’t pertain to me, it was solely for Advani ji.‘ However, I don’t anticipate the Prime Minister making such a statement.”

Furthermore, Kejriwal advocated for Modi to designate his successor, emphasizing, “Otherwise, his absence of a clear successor will likely spark numerous disputes.”

Will PM Modi Retire? 

Key BJP leaders, including Home Minister Amit Shah, dismissed the notion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would step down from active politics upon reaching 75 years of age, countering opposition claims regarding the party’s internal policy of ‘no ticket above 75’. While addressing the matter, Shah emphasized, “I want to clarify that there is no such provision in BJP’s constitution. Modi ji will continue to lead the country until 2029 and will also lead in the upcoming elections. The INDI alliance has no basis for such claims and cannot win elections by spreading falsehoods.”

Echoing Shah’s sentiments, current party president JP Nadda stated, “There is no age-related provision in the constitution of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The public recognizes that every moment of Modi ji’s leadership is dedicated to serving India. Under his guidance, the vision of a ‘Developed India’ is materializing, and in his next five years in office, Modi ji will elevate the nation to new heights. Modi ji is our leader and will continue to lead us into the future.”

Oppositions Reaction:

Opposition figures have accused the saffron party of displaying a “dual persona” by refusing to impose restrictions on Modi. Various lawmakers, among them Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, have raised queries about whether the PM would retire upon reaching 75, particularly if elected for a third term. Anandiben Patel, Gujarat’s Chief Minister, for instance, stepped down from her position in 2016 as she neared the unofficial age limit of 75.

Shah, while campaigning for the 2019 elections, clarified, “No one above 75 has been granted tickets. This is a decision made by the party.”

In line with its internal policies, the BJP has predominantly adhered to its regulations, nominating only a handful of leaders in their early and mid-70s for elections. Notably, 76-year-old Yogesh Patel was the oldest nominee for the Gujarat elections in 2022, while 75-year-old Jagannath Singh Raghuvanshi contested the 2023 Madhya Pradesh elections.

During a recent event, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned, “LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan, and Yashwant Sinha were retired, and now PM Modi is slated to retire on 17th September. If their government comes to power, they will first remove Yogi Adityanath and then appoint Amit Shah as the Prime Minister. PM Modi is soliciting votes for Amit Shah. Will Amit Shah fulfill Modi’s promise?”

Currently, at 74 years old, Narendra Modi is eligible to run in the Lok Sabha elections, even under the strictest interpretation of BJP policies. However, both the PM and several prominent members of his cabinet, including Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, will reach the age of 75 during their term if re-elected.

While past instances suggest the possibility of resignations upon reaching the ‘cut-off’ age, it’s important to emphasize that this is a matter of party policy rather than a rule entrenched in the BJP constitution.