Myanmmar National 'Outnumbering' Manipur Locals, Writes Manipur MLA to CM Biren Singh

Leishiyo Keishing, a Manipur MLA, penned a letter to Chief Minister N Biren Singh urging action to repatriate refugees from Myanmar to their original locations.

Putting up concerns about Manipur’s native population and the state’s security, an MLA name Leishiyo Keishing frm Phungyar assembly constituency, wrote a letter to Manipur chief minister N Biren singh alleging that the number of “illegal” Myanmmar nationals living in Manipur’s 8 villages “have outnumbered” the locals, leading a chaos amongst the locals.
He said over 5,800 illegal migrats from Myanmmar had entered Manipur since November 2023. Biometric data for 5,173 persons has been captured under the supervision of district administration.

The MLA is member of Naga people’s front party and he wrote this letter on May 9. In the letter he also shed light on the attacks that the illegal immigrants carried on the villagers in Kamjong and Kasom khullen subdivisions over petty matters.

The police are unable to detain the troublemakers and control the situation as they don’t have enough personnel in the border area, Mr Keishing said.

“… Even local customary law cannot control/bind them because of the foreign custody beliefs of the refugees. There have been numbers of incidence of killings and kidnappings of local residents committed by the immigrants, but the culprits could not be apprehended as they abscond and crosses the border where neither customary law nor Indian law could be enforced,” said the MLA of the NPF, which is an ally of the ruling BJP.

MLA urged the Chief Minister to take up urgent measures to find a suitable plan and arrangement to deport the refugees to their respective villages in their country or find a suitable place to shelter them under strict supervision.

MLA also cautioned against granting Indian citizenship to the refugees, citing historical precedents from 1968. He further urged to strengthen armed police in the border areas.