NEET-UG Results 2024 Update | All Controversies Around the 'Exam' Explained

The NEET-UG 2024 results were unveiled on June 4, coinciding with the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 results. On June 5th, a user on ‘X’ platform shared a series of posts unveiling numerous underlying discrepancies in the NEET 2024 results. Since then, a cascade of controversies has emerged, turning the NEET results into a Pandora’s box of controversies.

Since the release of the NEET-UG exam results by the National Testing Agency (NTA), both NTA and NEET have faced significant controversies. The exam, held on May 5th, witnessed the participation of over 24 lakh candidates. Initially scheduled for release on June 14th, the results were advanced by 10 days and unveiled on June 4th.

Amid mounting allegations and accusations surrounding NEET, the Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a notice to the central government and NTA in response to a petition seeking the cancellation of the NEET-UG 2024 result list. The petitioners hail from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. On June 5th, they also shared a comprehensive thread detailing discrepancies in this year’s NEET results.


The court told NTA that, “It is not that simple… that because you have done it (held the exam) it is sacrosanct, Sanctity of (the examination) has been affected… so we need answers.”
As of now, the matter has been posted to July 8 for hearing, when a plea will be filed before chief Justice DY Chandrachud.
And since June 4, ‘NEET’ is under heavy hammer. So, let’s list out all the current controversies around NEET.

What are the Controversies swirling around NTA-NEET?

1. 67 candidates got full marks 720/720, and that out of these 67 candidates, 44 got AIR Rank 1.

2. Some candidates got marks like 718, 719, which is imposible according to the NEET marching scheme maths.

3. Releasing the NEET-UG exam result 10 days earlier and also opening the registration window more than 2 times that too in unexpected time periods.

4. 1500 students from six centres complained that they were mot given the full time for completing the exam, because of various reaons : distribution of the wrong question paper, torn OMR sheets, technical glitches, and delay in distribution of the OMR sheets.

5. Numerious toppers emerging from same centre.

6. Allegations of NEET question paper Leaks.

7. Mishandling of OMR answer sheets. In a recent news, it has come to light that NTA has uploaded Ayushi Patel’s result on wrong application number. Ayushi who is a resident of Lucknow claimed that the discrepancy happened because her OMR sheet was mishandled. The OMR sheet was torn and damaged, she alleged.
Earlier while calling it a “NEET scam”, she claimed that her score was suppose to be 715 out of 720. However, because the results were generated on the wrong application number, Patel only managed to get 335 marks.

NTA’s statement on the alleged controversies

NTA answered to some discrepancies, that the reason why some candidates scored unusual 718 or 719 marks, because they have considered ‘time lost’ during the exam.
On the allegations that the NEET exams are rigged, NTA called them to be ‘completely baseless and without any ground’.

On the paper leak allegation, NTA said that there happened an incident in Rajasthan, where some students forcibly snatched the question paper before the exam ended, and took pictures of it and circulated it. NTA suggested this incident to be linked with alleged paper leak. The body termed it ‘mischievous and preposterious’.