PM Modi Criticizes Opposition's INDIA Bloc, Accuses Congress and SP of Self-Interest

PM Modi didn’t hold back on his criticism of the SP-Congress leaders. He referred to them as “Shehzade” (princes)and accused them of being unable to see beyond their family interests.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an attack on the Opposition’s INDIA bloc during his address at a public meeting. He targeted key figures from the Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Congress party. PM Modi took the opportunity to accuse the leaders of prioritizing their personal and family interests over the welfare of the country.

“The people of the SP, Congress, and the INDIA alliance cannot digest the praise of India,” PM Modi asserted, criticizing the Opposition for their negative portrayal of the country. “The Congress Shehzada goes abroad to insult India. What agenda are these INDIA alliance candidates fighting the elections on? Their agenda includes reimposing Article 370 in Kashmir, repealing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and dismantling anti-corruption laws.”

PM Modi didn’t hold back on his criticism of the SP-Congress leaders. He referred to them as “Shehzade” (princes)and accused them of being unable to see beyond their family interests. He also referred to the incident of the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj, and drew a sharp contrast between the chaotic and mismanaged events that took place under the governance of previous SP and Congress with the current administration’s efficient handling.

“During the SP-Congress era, the Kumbh Mela was marred by stampedes and chaos because they were more concerned about their vote banks than the event itself,” PM Modi said. “There was a competition of appeasement between SP and Congress.”

He further questioned the Opposition’s commitment to Hindu traditions and festivals, asking rhetorically if those who criticize Sanatan Dharma would ever allow the Kumbh Mela to be held smoothly next year.

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Highlighting his government’s achievements, PM Modi emphasized his focus on both development and heritage. “The SP and Congress are inherently anti-development,” he claimed. “Under their rule, there were constant electricity shortages in Prayagraj. Today, under the Yogi government, every district receives adequate power. The mafia, who once seized land from the poor, are now facing demolition of their illegal properties, with homes being built for the underprivileged.”

PM Modi also accused the previous SP government of corruption and nepotism in public sector job allocations. “Youth can never forget how the SP government crushed their dreams. Jobs were distributed based on caste and bribes. The UP Public Service Commission was turned into a ‘Parivar Service Commission’.”

Turning his attention to the INDIA bloc, PM Modi predicted their downfall, accusing them of relying on falsehoods. “They are spreading lies about the Constitution. Who imposed the Emergency and tried to change the Constitution? It was the Congress. Despite decades passing, their character remains unchanged.”

He also addressed the issue of reservations, criticizing the Congress and SP for allegedly planning to undermine the existing reservation system for Dalits, Scheduled Castes (SC), and Scheduled Tribes (ST). “In Karnataka, Congress has allocated OBC quotas to Muslims, and now they want to extend this nationwide. But I assure you, Modi guarantees that I will not allow the reservation for Dalits, SCs, and STs to be revoked.”