NEC, a Japanese company, partners with Lockheed Martin in the space and aviation fields

22 April, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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In NASA's Artemis programme, the spacecraft "Orion" constructed by Lockheed Martin will bring humans to the moon by 2024.

During the production process, the system invariant analysis technology, which is one of NEC’s Artificial Intelligence technologies, will undertake tests to guarantee that the spacecraft is tested and working properly.

Space Senior Manager for AI/Machine Learning Kevin Woodward commented, “Right now our focus has been on the assembly test launch operations, and some of that includes the space environment tests and we can realize how that spacecraft will function in the environment. Exquisitely this wonderful holistic view of the system and an understanding that we have not been able to analyze or view in this way in the past. If you were to ask a human to do that same task, one person, it would take them 240 years. Artificial Intelligence does it very quickly within an hour.”

While speaking about the collaboration, Moto Sato, NEC Laboratories America, stated that NEC is particularly keen on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can explain the result. “As a result, we’re primarily focusing on experience AI, or what we refer to as white box AI, which assists not just data scientists but also experts in understanding what the outputs of AI are and how they are produced.” As a result, we at NEC are not just improving technology in terms of accuracy and performance, but also in terms of human trust.”

Moto Sato, NEC Laboratories America, quoted, “We need to build the AI in much higher security robustness and also feel the comfort that AI provides. And they know that people’s rights mean that they record privacy protection. NEC continues developing AI solutions based on not only the high performance but also high security, robustness, and fairness. NEC and Lockheed Martin are developing new space technology through artificial intelligence.” (ANI)