Neha Kakkar starts up #MoveOnChallenge for all the women dealing with ugly breakup and past

23 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Neha Kakkar took it to her Instagram and posted up a video for all the women who are dealing with an ugly relationship or past, she gave them all a challenge and named it as #MoveOn Challenge. Read...

Neha Kakkar has always been vocal about her feelings to her fans through social media. Time to time the singer has shared her emotions with all and has motivated and encouraged them to fight their emotions battle. She has always thanked her fans for supporting her at the time when she felt low. The singer has started a new challenge on her social media account which will help her fans to move on from a bad breakup or from a bad relationship. She shared a video on her Instagram handle, the challenge was named as #MoveOnChallenge.So all might be wondering that what is this challenge all about.

So basically the challenge of all those women who are dealing with a bad relationship or had a bad past with any guy. Neha has asked all the women to move on their life and to not waste their tears for those people who have hurt them, despite she sais that al the women should smile and focus on themselves and their growth as well. In the video which Neha Kakkar has posted, it can be seen that the video starts with Neha crying but soon she channels all her energy on the positive side and turns up into a babe.

The sole purpose of the video aims to help the fans to move on from their bad past or present. A year ago Neha had an ugly breakup with Yaariyan actor Himansh Kohli. She even expressed that how was she cast as a villain after that relationship ended. She got her Instagram and wrote to Himansh that he should get famous because of his own deeds and not because of Neha’s name and work. Kakkar even threatened him with the consequences of using her name for publicity. This is the reason why she started up a challenge like this for her fans, she has gone through the same situation and she knows how tough it gets. To make it easy for her fans, she has started this challenge.