Netflix brings back Sima Mami: Announces Season 2 of ‘Indian matchmaking’

11 May, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Netflix brings back season two of Indian Matchmaking.

Is Netflix bringing back Sima Mami? The streaming giant has released a trailer of the first season of Indian matchmaking to promote the return of matchmaker Seema Taparia. The show’s notion of facilitating relationships between rich and affluent NRIs was both loathed and adored earlier.

On Instagram, the announcement drew varied comments.

The populat show was centred on a Mumbai-based matchmaker who travelled the world- matching singles. She kept a tangible ledger with her database of qualified candidates and used old-school tactics like ‘kundalis’ and good looks to determine a couple’s compatibility.

The show, and Sima Aunty, as she was affectionately known, became a hit at a period when people were cooped up at home and bored during pandemic.

Although, the return of Sima Mami brings a lot of speculations as a section of views found the concept inappropriate.