NewsX Exclusive: How Activists in Scotland see Charles Coronation

5 May, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastav

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NewsX spoke to prominet Scottish activists about the state of the British Union and King Charles Coronation.

The coronation of King Charles III will take place tomorrow in Westminster Abbey, London. Entrenched in history and custom, ceremony will usher the regime of King Charles in 21st century. Much hyped event will be watched by millions of people around the world as Charles III takes over the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8 September 2022. This will be the first time in 70 years when Coronation ceremony would be taking place in the age of internet and social media.

However, as Charles coronation closes in, debate over different aspects of the English monarchy are on the table for discussion. This also includes horrific colonial histroy of British Raj in India and much of the Commonwealth countries which faced the madness of British imperialism. Talking about Britain’s dark past would not be complete without the mention of Scotland. One among the ancient relics that will be used in the ceremony belongs to Scotland and has a history that dates back to late 13th century.

The Stone of Destiny is slab of sandstone which belonged to Scotland’s monarchy was seized by King Edward I of England and taken to Westminster Abbey during the English invasion of Scotland in 1296. Once stolen from Westminster Abbey, the stone has been brought back for the ceremony as it forms the part of coronation chair.

Ever since the relationship between Scotland and England went down the hill. Scotland saw multiple attmepts for independence from Britain over the century. Today, the British Union Jack symbolises union of three nations under one flag, the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. But is the ground reality different from the perception, just how united is the United Kingdom today? NewsX spoke to prominet Scottish activists about the state of the British Union and King Charles Coronation.

Coronation is like rubbing the salt in Scotland’s wounds: Leslie Blair

“Its like rubbing the salt in the wounds in Scotland” said Scottish Activist Leslie Blair while speaking to NewsX. Citing the referendum that took place in 2014, Leslie said that atleast fifty percent of the Scottish people think of extricateing Scotland from the United Kingdom. “Monarchy itself is an outdated institution, its not democratic, its not fair and its not representative.” Leslie added. Blair also said that English monarchy should be scaled down to a much more symbolic form, if it remains at all. He also said that Scottish National party which is the acting independence government since 2007 has a written manifesto of Indepence for Scotland. “We asked for referrendum and it was denied by Westminster government that we didn’t vote for,” he said.

The government England elects, is the government Scotland gets: Lorna Macgillivray

Another Scottish advocate, Lorna Macgillivray spoke to NewsX said “Once we become independent then we Scots will have a referendum wheather to have a monarchy, which I’m sure will be no.” Lorna mentioned that Monarchy brings no benefit to Scotland. Lorna stated that the Scottish people seek self-governance. Lorna said “The government England elects, is the government Scotland gets” she further added that scots could do so much more if the taxes paid by them are used for the welfare of Scottish people. Answering a question about an international campaign, Lorna cheered on NewsX and said “Broadcasting is reserved to Westminster.”

Coronation just a symbol of English dominance: Gwern Gwynfil

“Its just a symbol of English dominance” said Gwern Gwynfil, CEO of Yesuymru. He said that Wales is not even represented in the Union Jack and that it is indicative of the subservient way in which England decieves Wales. Gwern also mentioned the diminishing influence of the British Monarchy in the world including in countries like Jamaica. “There’s an inevitability to Scottish and Welsh independence” he said and added that people have been ditching the Monarchy for last 100 years and that the trend will continue. Gwern went on to say “As the UK becomes poorer, that pillaging that always been a part of the empire the taking from periphery will continue.” referring to the UK treausury, he said that none of the money from England comes to Wales while Weslh resources are used to fund it.

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