NewsX Covid Task Force: Reach out to #NewsX to amplify Covid SOS Calls

22 April, 2021 | Ojasvi Chauhan

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NewsX Covid Task Force: In the last few weeks, a steep surge in Covid-19 infections and shortage of vital medical resources sent tremors to the Indian healthcare system. With the situation getting ...

As the 2nd wave of Coronavirus which is more infectious than before, is ravaging the entire nation with cases skyrocketing and hospitals running out of oxygen, ICU beds, etc.,  NewsX is amplifying SOS calls, and, a team at NewsX is dedicatedly working for people in need to find resources and contacts. 

Amid panic calls, NewsX has decided to amplify Covid-19 SOS appeals for people who might be in need. The situation is alarming but even in the tensest of situations, one must not lose their cool and act pragmatically. If you come across any sort of Covid-related emergency, kindly report that to NewsX.

Instead of creating panic and chaos around what seems inevitable, NewsX has chosen to practically help people by reflecting their appeals on TV during LIVE shows and forming a team to identify genuine and fraud dealers of oxygen, drugs, beds, etc. Additionally, as a leading national news channel,  NewsX is re-sharing the posts of people with Covid-related requirements on social media to bring them to the notice of concerned authorities.

How can one reach out to NewsX?

If one has an appeal to make, NewsX will amplify it. Send in appeals using below mentioned ways:

  1. One call directly call us at 011-61362050, call-in lines are open every day at 12.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
  2. A Covid-related appeal can be sent to us through social media on NewsX Instagram, NewsX Twitter, NewsX Facebook or NewsX Koo. One can either tag/mention our handles on posts or directly message us.
  3. One can also send in their requests through WhatsApp Messenger at 9205296698.


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