NSE phone tapping: Delhi HC grants bail to Chitra Ramkrishna

9 February, 2023 | Amish Mahajan

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Chitra Ramakrishna was arrested by both the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate in a case related to the National Stock Exchange.

The Delhi High Court has granted bail to Chitra Ramkrishna, former MD of the National Stock Exchange. On Thursday, the court granted this bail in the money laundering case involving illegal phone tapping and snooping of employees of the National Stock Exchange.

Justice Jasmeet Singh said that after accepting her application, she was granted bail. Chitra Ramakrishna was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate on July 14 last year in a money laundering case, in which she got bail. The ED also opposed the grant of bail. ED said that Chitra Ramakrishna is the mastermind of this whole case.

According to the ED, the matter of phone tapping pertains to the period between 2009 and 2017 when former NSE CEO Ravi Narayan, Executive Vice President Ravi Varanasi and Head Premises Mahesh Haldipur and some others hatched a conspiracy to defraud NSE and its employees. These people had hired ISec Services to tap the employees’ phones at NSE under the guise of cyber threat. Chitra Ramakrishna said in the petition seeking bail that none of the allegations against her is proven. Also, the allegations against her do not come under the Money Laundering Act.

Chitra Ramakrishna was made Joint MD of the National Stock Exchange in 2009 and remained in this position until March 31 2013. After that, she was made MD and CEO on April 1, 2013, and remained in this position till December 2016. Earlier, CBI arrested Chitra Ramakrishna in the National Stock Exchange co-location case, in which she has already got bail. The Delhi High Court only granted him bail in this case in September 2022.