Our tagline is ‘Automate everything’ : Andy Asava

17 December, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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NewsX exclusively dives into a conversation with Andy Asava, Founder, Qualesce where he talks about his company under the special series of NewsX India A-List.

NewsX dives into a conversation with Andy Asava, Founder, Qualesce where he got recognized for his excellence in business leadership under the special series of NewsX India A-List.

‘We have served over 100 customers and have automated over 150,000 business processes that range from different functions from you take a look at finance, HR, supply chain, and logistics along with different applications that we are looking at from SAP, service now to all the leading applications including even proprietary applications so one of the things that has provided us a significant edge in the market place is a fact that we have taken all this experience and we mint all these processes to build a library of these automated pre-build processes that can be rapidly deployed, and the speed at which we can deploy these assets these digital assets is really our biggest edge, we can enable our customers on their journey to digitization and automation quite faster than anybody else can in the market place because of the 150,000 processes that we have done in the market place today.’, as he spoke about how Qualesce managed to overcome competition in the industry.

Further, he mentioned about the core vision of his company, ‘. It really depends on the each and every individual in the organization and what we have done with everyone has really given them and empowered them to be able to challenge the status quo by taking a look at the current processes, and current functions and only when you can challenge the quo you can disrupt, and when you disrupt you can innovate. And it is a chain reaction that we believe is important in building a culture of innovation that is fostered in each and every one of our employees. The ability to do critical thinking and execution of that is really bugged into the DNA of our organization. And this is really the underpinning of making our vision into reality.’

As he discussed about the expansion and journey of Qualesce, he said, ‘ the company has taken to where we are today and we are excited about the path ahead. 90% of our customers are in US, Europe, as I am taping this session it’s midnight here, is the US so we live in a culture of global organization. I am based in Dallas, Texas Majority of my team is in India Bangalore so its really the culture that we have created its serving our customers regardless of where they are at. We have some significant large brands that are now our customers in India and really our aspiration is to grow faster, we are already upto 150 people in the last 7 and a half years but we are not stopping our vision is very bold its upto 10,000 people and create that many high-value jobs in India in the next 3-5 years and with the pipeline and the reputation that we have in the market place we serve as a recession proof business.’

Lastly, as he explained the USP of his company, he said ‘ We have created an on-the-spot enterprise automaton called Udaya enabling you to deploy on-demand the customer a digital worker when they need it they use it and then they can stop paying for it. They are not locked into long term contracts. It provided a sas based consumption model for the customers.’

‘ Our tagline is very simple, automate everything, we believe everything can be automated and we want to be the capitalist that drives that forward we view there is a transformation going on from human to digital workers and they can be orchestrated as digital talent management that needs to occur which can dynamically challenge and match these bots to the actual skill we have in our knowledge library. Qualesce is at the forefront of delivering that vision and that transformation in the market place’, he added.