Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan: 200 rotting corpses found in Multan’s hospital roof

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At least 200 decomposing bodies were discovered on a hospital’s roof in Multan, Pakistan, on Friday.

According to social media, the authorities decided to look into the event after hundreds of human body parts were found on the roof of the morgue at Nishtar Hospital in Multan. Numerous remains are allegedly decomposing in the chamber constructed on the roof of the Nishtar Hospital. On the other hand, reports making the rounds on social media claim that hundreds of human body parts have been found on the roof.

However, no government official has either confirmed or denied the existence of the various bodies.

According to Tariq Zaman Gujjar, advisor to the chief minister of Punjab, someone informed him about the remains that were decomposing on the roof of the morgue at Nishtar Hospital.

When a guy remarked to me, “If you want to perform a nice deed, go the morgue and check it out,” Gujjar claimed he was on a visit to Nishtar Hospital.

He said that when he got there, the staff wasn’t prepared to open the mortuary’s doors. Gujjar said, “I said to this, if you don’t open it right now, I’m going to file a FIR against you.

He claimed that when the morgue eventually opened and they entered, they discovered at least 200 dead scattered all over the place.

“Men and women’s rotting bodies alike were all naked. Even female bodies were exposed.”

Gujjar claimed that when he asked them (the physicians) to explain what was happening, they stated that they were being used for teaching purposes by the medical students.

He further said “Are these corpses for sale? I questioned the mortuary staff.”

Gujjar claimed that when he approached physicians to explain the situation, they informed him that it was not what it appeared to be since these were being used by medical students for instructional purposes.

“Two of the bodies on the roof were just just beginning to decompose. They had maggots all over them “Gujjar said.

In his fifty years of existence, he claimed he had never witnessed anything like that.

“The bodies on the roof were being scavenged by vultures and worms. Our count indicated that there were at least 35 dead on the mortuary’s rooftop” he added.

The victims should have had a dignified burial following Namaz-e-Janaza, but instead they were tossed on the roof, according to Gujjar.

Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi noticed the abandoned remains and requested a report from the secretary of Punjab’s specialised healthcare and medical education.

After the bodies were found and videos and photographs were posted online, the Punjab government established a six-person committee to look into the event.

Additionally, the vice chancellor of Nishtar Medical University has established a three-person commission to conduct an investigation into the occurrence.

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