Pakistan: Imran Khan Blames ‘Imported Govt’ for Rise in Terrorism

20 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on Monday blamed the terrorist attack in Bannu on the coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He said that the “imported government” had been unable to stop attacks by “security forces of a “friendly” Afghan government” across international borders. With events occurring in Chaman, Swat, Lakki Marwat, and Bannu, Khan wrote on his official Twitter account that “apart from dragging our economy to the ground, this imported government has failed to cope with the 50% surge in terrorism in Pakistan.”

Four police officers were killed and numerous others were injured in a nighttime terrorist attack on the Bargai Police Station in the Lakki Marwat region the day before.

Armed terrorists attacked the police station from two directions. The police and the criminals engaged in a bloody firefight that resulted in the deaths of four officers and the injury of an equal number.

After the assault, the perpetrators fled. Police have started looking around the region for the saboteurs.

The saddest thing, according to the former prime minister, is that the growing terrorist danger and attacks coming from over our Western border are not being discussed by this cabal-run government, despite the fact that our soldiers, police, and locals are making daily sacrifices with their lives.

According to a local media outlet, he continued by asserting that the administration, which is governed by the Pakistan Democratic Movement, is primarily concerned with protecting their NRO II.

He reiterated his call for new elections, saying that even though the economy is in freefall, “they are terrified of conducting elections, which is the only option to stabilise the economy through political stabilisation.”

According to Mohammad Ali Saif, a spokesman for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa administration, talks between Pakistani officials and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leadership are currently taking place in Afghanistan, as reported by the local media outlet.

The TTP had taken control of a counterterrorism centre in the country’s northwest the day before and was now holding numerous security employees hostage. Pakistani authorities started negotiations to try and end the standoff.

Saif stated, “We are in talks with the top Pakistani Taliban officials in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson threatened harsh measures if the armed guys would not give themselves up.

According to the research, the province has seen an increase in recent months in the number of terrorist incidents. From the middle of August to the last week of November, at least 118 terrorist attacks were reported in KP, according to official statistics.

In terror attacks across the KP, at least 26 police officers, 12 members of other law enforcement organisations, and 17 civilians were killed. Additionally, these attacks resulted in the injuries of 18 police officers, 10 civilians, and 37 members of the law enforcement community, according to a local media outlet.

In November, there were assaults in a dozen different districts, including Peshawar, Mardan, Bajaur, Mohmand, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Kohat, Bannu, and Nowshera.