Pakistan challenges India to host G-20 meetings in Kashmir

26 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Pakistan has challenged India's plans to host some G-20 events in Kashmir

In the run-up to hosting the G-20 summit in 2023, Pakistan has challenged India’s plans to host G-20 events in Kashmir.

Pakistan ministry stated, “Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized contested area that absolutely condemns any such attempt by India.”

Ministry further added that the international community cannot, under any circumstances, contemplate convening any G20-related meetings or events in J&K, given the territory’s widely known position as a disputed area.

“It is predicted that the G20 members are fully cognizant of the imperatives of law and justice and would reject it outright just in case of any such controversial proposal from India, which might be designed to hunt international legitimacy for an occupation continuing for over seven decades,” it said.

Additionally, Pakistan asked the global community to press India to liberate all political detainees and reverse its August 5, 2019, measures on Article 377. The statement read, “Giving the people of J&K their right to self-determination is that only road to permanent peace in South Asia.”