Parali Charter: Need Of The Hour

4 November, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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The Pollution Charter: NewsX's Action Plan to counter pollution

The National Capital of the country is reeling with roaring pollution which has turned hazardous to all age groups. With AQI reaching 500, NewsX came up with an Action Plan which gives a way to counter the surging pollution in the capital.

Step 1 – Form Parali MSP

Ascribe An Economic Value To Every Cubic Metre Of Stubble

Step 2 – Procure 1,61,040 Stubble Removal Super Seeder Machines

Total Area – 1,24,00,000 Acres

Total Period 14 Days

8,85,715 Acres

1 Machine Covers
5.5 Acres In A Day

Total Machines Needed
8,85,715 Acres

5.5 Acres

1,61,040 Machines

Step 3 – Set Up A Special Purpose Parali Fund

Open It To Individual And Corporate Donations
Open It To Government Support

Step 4 – Use Special Purpose Fund To Procure Superseeder Machines

Machines Needed 1,61,040

Cost Of 1 Machine is Rs. 3,00,000

Total Cost Of Procuring Machines Rs. 483.12 Crore

50% Saving (Economies On Scale)

Rs.242 Crore

Step 5 – Declare Pollution A National Disaster

Declare North India Pollution Akin To Flood Or Earthquake
Release Funds From Relief Fund To Contribute In Procurement

Step 6 – Produce An Effective Decomposing Liquid

Determine The Cost Per Acre & Time Required To Do Composting

Step 7 – Verify If Decomposing Liquids Work

Proper Tests Of Samples Must Be Carried
Sample Testing Campaign Can Be Used To Educate Farmers

Step 8 – Scientific Re-examination Of Crop Varieties

To Create And Reintroduce Varieties Whose Waste Is Edible To Livestock

Step 9 – Ola/ Uber Kind Of App To Maximise Efficiency

Ui/UX Is Needed For Stubble Removing Machines
Inter-state Private App Must Be Made

Step 10 – Real Time Fire Data

End The Data Darkness & Denial On Stubble Burning
Rope In Remote Sensing Satellite Companies
Rope In Data Scientists To Involve Data Mining