Parul Batra’s Latest Single “Azadi” Celebrates the Spirit of India and Independence

14 August, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

Parul Batra Featured

As India celebrates its Independence Day, Parul Batra's "Azadi" resonates as a reminder of unity, spirit, and the diverse ways in which the nation can be celebrated.

Renowned artist Parul Batra introduces her latest single, “Azadi,” a song that encapsulates the essence of India while paying homage to the sacrifices of its brave citizens. Through heartfelt lyrics and powerful visuals, the song portrays both the literal and metaphorical dimensions of freedom.

In her introduction to “Azadi,” Parul Batra expresses that the song is not only a representation of freedom but also a reflection of the inner liberation that every individual seeks. The inspiration behind the song originated from a poignant experience during the pandemic, when Parul collaborated with her five-year-old daughter Nyra on a school project highlighting India’s achievements over the past 75 years. This experience filled them with pride and gratitude, which she captured in the lyrics of the song.

Collaborating with composer Ashish Chauhan, Parul Batra brought the melody of “Azadi” to life. The visual representation was a collaborative effort with director Anupam Sarkar and his team, who beautifully envisioned and created the visuals. The addition of Dansync’s choreography added another layer of depth, grace, and elegance to the song.

Released on August 1st, 2023, “Azadi” has garnered immense appreciation across digital platforms. The official music video on Parul Batra’s YouTube channel has already crossed 100k views, while Instagram (parulbatramusic) is abuzz with shares and stories. The enthusiasm surrounding the single is set to reach new heights as “Azadi” is scheduled for an Independence Day premiere on August 15th, 2023. The premiere, in collaboration with Red FM Indies Shuffle, will be broadcasted in 37 cities across India.

Parul Batra expresses her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support the single has received. She looks forward to more engagement from the audience, including shares, subscriptions, and unique renditions of “Azadi.” As India celebrates its Independence Day, Parul Batra’s “Azadi” resonates as a reminder of unity, spirit, and the diverse ways in which the nation can be celebrated.

Join the celebration by listening to “Azadi” and embracing the various ways each individual can honor the nation’s independence. Happy Independence Day!

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