DCCI to prepare cricket calendar, seek roles for its players in BCCI’s cricket setup

16 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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The meeting was attended by 31 members of the council from various parts of the country.

The Physical Disability Wing of the Differently Abled Cricket Council of India (DCCI) held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday in Ahmedabad, which was organised by the Differently Abled Cricket Committee of Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA).

The meeting was attended by 31 members of the council from various parts of the country, including representatives from Assam, Manipur, and Tripura, demonstrating the enormous growth of the sport in the country’s Northeast states. The main purpose of the AGM was to create a cricket calendar for the upcoming year so that players know what tournaments they need to be prepared for and when.

This cricket calendar will be presented to the BCCI Cricket for approval, and DCCI has stated that it will be passed by Jay Shah and other members, as the BCCI has stated that it is willing to assist DCCI members. Ravi Chauhan, Secretary DCCI and member of the BCCI’s Differently Abled Cricket Committee delivered the opening remarks at the AGM. He emphasised the significance of providing opportunities for differently-abled cricketers to demonstrate their talent and excel in the sport.

He also discussed the difficulties the council has had in organising tournaments and events for differently-abled cricketers. The emphasis was on developing a structure for this type of cricket, providing a solid platform for the players, and streamlining the entire DCCI.

“We should take various initiatives to promote the sport among differently-abled individuals in every state. As Jay Shah ji is continuously guiding us, we cannot miss this opportunity to create something that is really historical and which shall pave way for the coming generations,” said Ravi Chauhan.

Another important topic addressed at the AGM was DCCI’s role as a job creator. Players who have reached the age of retirement but have served the sport for many years will be given the training to become scorers and umpires or to be part of the cricketing system in any capacity.

“Many players have given their prime span of time to this game and now we should think about them. We shall request the DCCI to make use of these players in whatever form they are able to do,” added Chauhan.

Furthermore, it was agreed to approach the BCCI about hosting the cricket World Cup for Physically Disabled Cricketers immediately following the ICC’s own World Cup in October-November 2023. Following the 2019 ODI World Cup, the English Cricket Board hosted a similar event. The Differently Abled Cricket Council of India anticipates another successful year of promoting the sport and providing opportunities for differently abled cricketers to excel.

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