Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Gujarat Hospital Undergoes Revamp Overnight As PM Visits Collapse Site

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Before PM Narendra Modi’s arrival, four new water coolers were installed overnight at the government hospital in Morbi, but at least one of them remained empty. The supply wasn’t linked, which was a clear illustration of how fast the clean-up was after Sunday’s bridge collapse claimed the lives of 130 people, and many of the injured were taken here.

The coolers were linked to water sources by the hospital management.

In a freshly painted ward, PM Modi met a few of the injured. The patients were chosen and informed in advance of the encounter before being moved to new beds with fresh bedding.

“All of this is for show. There wasn’t a water cooler like this before “a woman who was accompanying a patient commented. Another woman claimed that the facility does not have the essential amenities. Only after the victims of the Morbi bridge collapse were brought here and it was anticipated that Narendra Modi would visit did workers move in.

The bottom floor ward that had previously been vacant had been well cleaned and fresh beds had been set up. There were indications on some of the fresh sheets for a hospital in Jamnagar, 160 kilometres away from Morbi.

New IV drip stands arrived next to each bed overnight, according to ground reports. Before the PM arrived, two of the eight patients who had been brought here initially had been transferred to another ward.

In addition to touch-ups inside the wards where PM Modi saw the injured, at least 40 workmen were outside painting the hospital’s facade throughout the night. The toilets also have new tiling.

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