PM Modi explains the ‘India First for Global Good’ ideology in Europe

4 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

The India First doctrine can only be sustained if the Indian private sector delivers in the defence manufacturing sector by collaborating with defence majors from India's close allies, such as Fran...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking to the Indian diaspora in Berlin this week, positioned India as a global solutions supplier or a force for world good. He also promoted his India First concept by promoting his “Make in India” manufacturing programme, which was built on the foundations of solid government, enabling laws, and rapid infrastructure development.

Because it is an active rather than an inert philosophy, Prime Minister Modi’s India First for Global Good concept is a long cry from the country’s involvement with the non-aligned movement during previous Congress administrations. Many foreign policy wonks today define Indian foreign policy as strategically independent, multi-aligned, and aligned on specific issues, with some still believing in non-alignment after India, China, and the United Arab Emirates abstained from the UNSC vote on Ukraine. India also voted no in the UN decision to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council for its invasion of Ukraine, along with South Africa and South Africa.

While the Modi government contributed significantly to global vaccine support by supplying India-developed and manufactured vaccines to 100 countries, it also provided developed countries with massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs such as HCQ in the first wave of Covid-19, which originated in Wuhan, China. Whether it was a tsunami, a global epidemic, or an economic catastrophe, it was the first responder on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activities in the neighbourhood and beyond. India, together with its QUAD allies, is a key advocate of open seas and freedom of passage in the Indo-Pacific, while leading by example in the worldwide fight against climate change.

Despite all difficulties and demands, India under Modi is willing to cooperate and play an active role in global peace without jeopardising its strategic autonomy.

Although India has decided to take a seat at the head of the table, the true test of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India First strategy will be the success of the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” model in the defence sector, which will ensure that India is not reliant on any other country to secure itself. In an unpredictable world, where governments are known to alter views based on realpolitik and ruthlessness, this is the proper tactic. The Modi government recognises that India’s development would not be easy, with global powers unwilling to give New Delhi a seat at the table.