PM Modi in Gujarat to unfurl flag at newly renovated Pavagadh temple

18 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Modi will pay a visit to Pavagadh, a prominent pilgrimage destination in Panchmahal district today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay a visit to Pavagadh, a prominent pilgrimage destination in Panchmahal district today, where he would unfurl the flag after performing pooja.

According to Gujarat’s information department “After the ascent of Pavagadh in the fourteenth century, the summit of the temple was damaged over the last five centuries. The summit has been rebuilt and given a fresh appearance.”

“First, the foundation of a vast campus was set by widening the top of Pavagadh Hill, and then ancillary facilities were erected on the first and second floors of the campus,” according to the statement.

The old sanctum has been preserved, and the temple has been completely restored. The open area and the main temple have been expanded. In the original Mataji temple, where the “Shikhar” was replaced by a dargah. The dargah was transferred in a peaceful manner, and a new “Shikhar” was built, atop which the flagpole was rebuilt and the flag was unfurled.

For the convenience of the worshippers, the temple now features a rest house, clean drinking water, modern and well-equipped toilets, and street lights. At the same time, huge and well-organized steps have been built in front of the temple to replace the ancient and rocky ones.

The announcement went on to say that 2200 stairs from Manchi to Rope-way Upper Station and 500 steps from Upper Station to the temple across Dudhiya Lake have been repaired.

The trust finished the temple rehabilitation work at a cost of Rs 12 crores, out of a total estimated expenditure of Rs 125 crore for the construction of the entire complex save for the temple.

There will be a large dining hall and devotional facilities near “Yajnashala” Dudhiya lake, as well as two enormous lifts running directly from Chhasia Lake to the temple, in the near future.

On Pavagadh mountain, a circumnavigation trail connecting Dudhiya and Chhasia lakes will be built, allowing the entire Mataji temple complex to be circumnavigated. Near Manchi, a guest house and multi-level parking will be built. In partnership with the forest service, large-scale tree planting will be planned in the neighboring mountains.