Priyanka Chopra, Anthony Mackie’s action thriller ‘Ending Things’ lands at Amazon

7 April, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

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The forthcoming action thriller 'Ending Things,' starring Priyanka Chopra and Anthony Mackie, has been picked up by Amazon Studios.

The forthcoming action thriller ‘Ending Things,’ starring Priyanka Chopra and Anthony Mackie, has been picked up by Amazon Studios.

According to Deadline, the studio bought the forthcoming picture following a round of competitive bidding. Kevin Sullivan will write and direct the film, which is claimed to be inspired by James Cameron’s action comedy ‘True Lies’ from 1994.

The film’s plot centres around a hit woman who wants out of the assassin business and informs her “business” partner that their romantic relationship is also coming to an end. But she realises she doesn’t want to let go of that portion of their relationship. They must band together for one final night out in order to survive the split – and their last work together.

Deals for production are still being worked out. With Mackie’s Make It With Gravy Productions and Inspire Entertainment’s Jason Spire, Davis Entertainment’s Jeremy Stein and Lit Entertainment will produce. Chopra Jonas’ Purple Pebble Pictures will act as an executive producer on the film.

‘Ending Things’ is Priyanka’s first collaboration with Mackie. Priyanka was last seen in ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ the fourth film in the sci-fi genre, in the supporting character of Sati.

She is now anticipating the release of her new album, ‘Text For You.’ She just concluded production on her Amazon project ‘Citadel,’ a highly anticipated TV series from the Russo Brothers, makers of MCU films such as ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ She’ll also appear in a film version of Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s novel ‘The Secret Daughter,’ in which she’ll act with Sienna Miller.

Meanwhile, Mackie is preparing for his directorial debut, ‘Spark,’ which stars Saniyya Sidney from ‘King Richard.’ He just finished filming ‘Desert Warrior,’ alongside Ben Kingsley, Sharlto Copley, and Aiysha Hart.

In the fourth instalment of the ‘Marvel’ franchise, Mackie will portray Captain America.