Pro-Khalistan groups again receive support from US politicians, Indian World Forum expresses concern

12 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Following the United States Senate of Connecticut, the City Councils of Norwich and Holyoke have expressed their support for pro-Khalistan groups.

In a major development, US lawmakers were seen openly supporting and promoting pro-Khalistan organisations. The Connecticut Senate, Norwich City Council, and Holyoke City Council have all expressed support for this separatist group and have recognised the Sikh Independence Declaration.

Pro-Khalistan activists are backed by US politicians.

The US state of Connecticut has already declared April 29 to be the ‘Anniversary of Sikh Independence.’ The Indian World Forum later expressed worry about the provocation of pro-Khalistani groups by the US State of Connecticut, claiming that the resolution influenced and promoted Khalistan, thus challenging India’s sovereignty. The controversial statement was made in the aftermath of violent violence in Patiala on April 29 between Shiv Sena and pro-Khalistan factions.

Concerns raised by the Indian World Forum

In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network, Puneet Singh Chandhok, President of the Indian World Forum, highlighted his concern over the United States’ support for separatist groups, despite pushing for global peace.

“The first Senate of Connecticut is followed by the city of Norwich, where the council passes the resolution, the mayor endorses and recognises the Sikh Independence referendum, and finally the Holyoke City Council. Back-to-back activities are shaping an insurgency movement. This is inexcusable coming from a great power like the United States, which promotes global peace “, stated the President of the Indian World Forum.