Putin raises prospect of truce in Ukraine conflict

11 December, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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During a press conference in Kyrgyzstan, Putin continued to assert that a "special military operation" was proceeding as planned.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin made reference to a potential agreement to terminate his conflict in Ukraine while maintaining that his “special military operation” was proceeding as expected.

Yes, the entire settlement procedure will undoubtedly be challenging and take some time. The Russian president made these statements at a news conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. “But one way or another, all players in this process will have to concur with the realities that are taking shape on the ground,” he added.

Just a few days prior, Putin appeared to be preparing the Russian people for a protracted conflict in Ukraine when he said that his military campaign would be a “long-term process.” According to blueprints obtained at the start of the war, Russian commanders at first thought the war would continue only a few weeks before a Russian victory. Russia has been compelled to retreat for several months and is currently in its tenth month.

Putin asserted that his military operation was proceeding according to plan in spite of all indications to the contrary. The situation is stable. There are no issues or questions there, he insisted, adding that the public was receiving the information in a transparent manner.