Qatari Govt has given around $1.1Bn to Muslim Brotherhood : Jordon Cope, Qatari Finance Fellow, MEF on NewsX

14 June, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

In an awakening conversation with NewsX, Jordan Cope, MEF and a Qatari Finance Fellow talked about how terror groups are funded and how his team received their access to the leaked documents on how...

In an awakening conversation with NewsX, Jordan Cope, MEF and a Qatari Finance Fellow talked about how terror groups are funded and how his team received their access to the leaked documents on how Qatar funds these terrorist groups.For our first question, we asked Jordan Cope about how does he back these allegations on Qatar, to which he answered “I have seen reports suggesting that the Qatar Government has given terrorist organizations such as Hamas, an off-shoot of Hamas and brotherhood. Anyone between 1.1 billion followers to 1.8 billion dollars since 2012 and of course other governments can involve and hope peace mule everything together but sometimes document the league in the circumstance. One such ounce actually involves it. So, while, my time at the Middle East Forum where I am currently a finance fellow there were documents that were revealed to the Middle East Forum that I personally helped them to translate, and these documents from the Qatar government ultimately indicated trans of using charity as a facade for financing is an organization in particular to those affiliated with Hamas brotherhood. So for me, there are many ways to access these materials. One through mainstream media outlets and also through personal means such as through translation work provided to the Middle East Forum. “

For our second question, we asked Cope about what his research revealed about the beneficiaries, to which he said ” I can personally say as the one who supervised translation that the spreadsheet was very extensive, with 45,000 grants distributed to charities in over 70 countries. Billions of dollars in grants. And just to understand a lot of the charity financing ultimately targeted countries such as Pakistan, and countries in the Middle East. They also happened at that time to target countries such as India. In the Middle East Forum, there is a fellow, Abhinav Pandey, who actually happened to write an article about the funding that went to Indian Groups in particular to one such group in Kerala approximately 5 million dollars were distributed to Philanthropic Trust and so it is a big concern worldwide Qatar using charity as a smoke screen who for establishing terror groups and one such organization who proved this trend is Qatar ties to the Palestinian Islamic Jihaad which does not engage in diplomatic measures. So the reality of Qatar using charity to engage with a terrorist organization in the territories, in Palestinian territories. It goes to show a lot i.e., ultimately that Qatar is not using the charity to promote diplomacy, it’s ultimately using charity as a facade for its agenda, especially for the state that endorses the ideology.”

Further, we asked him about how he had his access to the e-charity between Qatar and Al-Qaeda, to which he said “l happened to write an article about this and the basic finding was that, well first and foremost, the founder of each territory or at least the founder imparts Abdul Rehman Rahimi actually is a designated terror spy that united nations if I properly recall but in addition to that many affiliates of Okada and Arabian that recieved funding such as the Al Ehsan charitable society recieved about 17.8 million dollars, if I properly recall and if I recall properly the founder has been accused of being in the Has Rami Council in the past. Other organization includes Alrehma Council and Okada in the Arabian Peninsula which is banned in the United States. And the Alhimat Alhiya Society also is suspected to have ties to Okada and Arabian Peninsula. But in addition to that, the ties aren’t just a matter of accusations coming from NGOs. They do happen to come from foreign governments as well as the Arabian Peninsula.”

Lastly, we asked him about what he believes could be a solution to such a grave situation, to which he enthusiastically answered “I definitely think the united states and the other states need to take more of a role. Qatar consumes a lot of power. One of the wealthiest countries in the world and just signed gastro with Europe rather recently and it maintains one of the largest gas resources outlets in the world and especially the united states assume the role because Qatar influences the strong in the united states and there was talk in the eastern Al Ula agreement in beforehand that had potential condition would have been ended media wars in the region. Assuming that the proposed condition whether it actually materialized or not. Assuming that condition was important, it become especially important for countries, the democratic countries in particular to exercise their voices. To raise awareness of Qatar’s abuses around the world, especially in the united states also perhaps in India which maintains an important role in South Asia, in Asia in general, and the greater world and so I think to just to answer that question in the particular yes global nation needs to stand up, the united states in particular needs to stand up because it having normalized controversial behavior in future.”