Rahul slams govt over inflation, calls it ‘Vasooli Sarkar’

19 July, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

Rahul Gandhi National

Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the government on Tuesday over the growing costs of necessities and joined the opposition's parliamentary protest.

Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the government on Tuesday over the growing costs of necessities and joined the opposition’s parliamentary protest.

The start of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which coincided with the 2022 Presidential Elections, was on Monday.

Calling the government ‘vasooli sarkar’ in a facebook post, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “Apki baar, ‘vasooli’ sarkar? From now on, 5 per cent GST will be charged from the public on packaged products like milk, curd, butter, rice, pulses, bread.”

“The daily food items became expensive, the cylinder became Rs 1053 but the government says ‘Sab changa si’. Meaning, this inflation is the problem of the people, not of the government,” alleged the Congress leader.

Recalling the times prior to 2014, when PM Modi was in the Opposition, Rahul Gandhi said, “When the Prime Minister was in Opposition, he had made inflation the biggest issue, but today he has pushed the public into a deep quagmire of problems, in which people are getting drowned every day. The Prime Minister is silent on this helplessness of yours and is happy on propagating lies.”

“I and the entire Congress party stand with you (the public) against every atrocity being committed on you by the government. We will raise this issue vigorously in the House. No matter how many words the Prime Minister tries to silence us by calling it ‘unparliamentary’, he will have to answer,” stressed the Congress leader.

They yelled slogans while encamped in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue on the grounds of the Parliament, urging the administration to lower the cost of necessities. The opposition stirred up commotion and disruption on the opening day of the monsoon session, which was quickly postponed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the leaders to work together for a “fruitful” session before the meeting began.

“We always consider the House an efficient medium of dialogue, a pilgrimage place. Where there is dialogue with an open mind, there are fierce debates, if needed, there is also criticism and by very good analysis of things, a very positive contribution can be made to policies and decisions,” PM Modi said.