Rajasthan Congress crisis: Three Gehlot aides receive show-cause notice from Congress

28 September, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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Rajasthan Congress crisis: Three Gehlot aides receive show-cause notice from Congress

Amidst Rajasthan Congress crisis, Shanti Dhariwal, a cabinet minister, Mahesh Joshi, the party’s head whip, and Dharmendra Rathore, an assemblyman, have been given 10 days to answer to the notice.

In response to the deepening crisis inside the Rajasthani administration, the Congress on Tuesday sent “show cause” letters to three of Ashok Gehlot’s closest aides, accusing them of “severe indiscipline,” according to the sources.

When a Congress Legislature Party was arranged for that day at the house of the CM in Jaipur, it has been asked of the Congress leaders why they had a parallel gathering of MLAs on Sunday.

The notifications were sent based on a report created by Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken, the Congress’ observers in Rajasthan. In the notification, Tariq Anwar, a member of the Congress disciplinary panel, referred to Maken’s findings.

“The aforementioned accusations appear to be a serious lack of discipline. As a result, this show-cause notice was issued, asking for a response within 10 days outlining why disciplinary action should not be taken against you in accordance with the Indian National Congress’s constitution.

Mahesh Joshi, the minister of PHED for Rajasthan, was cited in the report for engaging in “severe indiscipline” on two counts: “boycotting” the official CLP meeting and “participating and calling a parallel meeting of the MLAs.”

The notice to Joshi stated, “As Chief Whip, your attendance at the unlawful meeting perplexed the MLAs as to which one was called legitimately.

Anwar claimed to have “made all logistical arrangements and were behind the entire organising of the unauthorised meeting of the MLAs” in his notice to Rathore, who serves as the head of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation.

According to sources cited by IE, the Chief Minister Gehlot has neither been charged nor cleared in the report.

The dilemma occurs when the CM is vying for the position of Congress president, and party leader Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that the party is subject to the “one man, one job” rule. This would imply that the CM would be unable to serve as the head of state if elected as the president of the Congress party.

Supporters of Gehlot stated that 90 MLAs had submitted their resignations to the Speaker, who had yet to decide what to do with them. The MLAs urged that the 102 MLAs who supported the Congress party in June 2020, when efforts were attempted to overthrow the Congress administration, be used to select a chief minister.

According to PTI, Gehlot notified party interim president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday that he was unaware of and had no involvement in the parallel meeting of the MLAs. He continued by saying that he would follow the party’s top command’s decision.

The Rajasthan chief minister had also discussed the current events with a group of Congress MLAs in a private meeting.

According to reports, Dhariwal had claimed that there was a “deep plot” to depose Gehlot as CM and blamed Maken for endorsing Gehlot’s competitor Sachin Pilot in the state.

Joshi has also insisted that the MLAs did not engage in any indiscipline.

We would explain our viewpoint if the Congress high command requests it in writing or verbally or if we receive any kind of notification, Joshi added.

There can be no question about our commitment to the party and high leadership, he continued.