Ramayan: Sunil Lahiri reveals some unknown anecdotes from the show, says bird pooped on him which left Ramanand Sagar angry

7 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Ramayan: Actor Sunil Lahiri shares funny incidents related to the show, he says while shooting under the tree a bird pooped on him which made left Ramanand Sagar angry. Watch the video here

Amid lockdown, actor Sunil Lahri started some funny revelation session among his fans where he reveals all the hilarious activities they use to do while shooting for Ramayan. In the series of videos, the actor said, there was a scene where Ram and Lakshman stayed at Guru Vasishtha’s ashram.

During a sequel where the shot had been taken from their back keeping Guru Vasishtha in the main, so they use to make funny faces which made him laugh and they had to shoot the same sequel again and again.

However, it made Ramanand Sagar got angry and when he asked the reason for Vasishtha’s laughing, saving Sunil and Arun Govil he said, the fake beard and mustache were itchy which made him laugh and that’s how they got saved from Ramanand’s scolding.

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Sunil also revealed that there was a scene when he has to shoot under a tree unfortunately a bird pooped on him, the whole shoot got delayed as he went to clean his costume. The actor further said, that there was a crucial scene where they cannot retake, so while shooting for that his drape was about to open and with a sheepish eye he asked another one to hold his drape from the back till the time scene gets over.

Talking about the serial Ramayan, after lockdown the show was re telecasted on DD nationals and within a week it became the highest TRP gainer of all time. The total viewership spiked to 82 per cent while each episode garners more than 40 lakh.

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