Reasons how the Sikh Regiment demonstrated Why Their Fabled Status Is well deserved

21 April, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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The British Army recently considered forming a Sikh regiment as part of its regular army. While the plan did not succeed, we can see why they would want a Sikh regiment. The Sikh Regiment is one of...

The Sikh Regiment’s beginnings

Just before the start of the Sikh War, a proposal to form a Sikh regiment was made. The British were so inspired by the heroism and sheer spirit of the Sikh combatants throughout the conflict that they wasted no time in establishing their own battalion of Sikh warriors, according to legend.

Afghanistan’s Second War

While the Sikh Regiment was called to action during the 1857 revolts, it was during the Second Afghan War that they saw action for the first time.

Saragarhi was the site of an epic battle.

Now, this is a battle where the Sikh Regiment sealed its status as one of the country’s, if not the world’s, bravest regiments. It would be an insult to the 22 warriors who gave their life in the defence of Saragarhi to state that this battle is legendary. Regimental Battle Honour Day is now observed every year on this day.

The Battle of La Bassee took place during World War I.

A furious battle erupted in La Bassee, north France, between German and Franco-British forces. The 47th Sikhs were part of a concerted attack on German defences during the war. The attack was eventually called off, but two Sikh troops never received the order and marched straight into the Germans. The Sikhs lost 221 of their 289 soldiers in the raid, although they were able to significantly damage the Germans’ attacking capability.

1962 India-China War

The 1962 conflict with the Chinese isn’t one of the most illustrious chapters in the Indian Army’s or India’s overall history. It was a harrowing experience for the country, whether it was the bureaucracy holding down the armed forces or the use of ineffective methods. Despite this, the Sikh Regiment shone like a beacon of light in this terrible episode. Subedar Joginder Singh, Captain Haripal Kaushik, and Sepoy Kewal Singh’s gallantry is still remembered today.

All in all, the Regiment has earned all the name and fame to itself, and has never failed in earning laurels.