Richa Chadha Apologizes After Being Trolled Over “Galwan Says Hi” Tweet

24 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Bollywood actor Richa Chadha has apologised after receiving backlash on social media.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha has apologised via a tweet after receiving backlash on social media for posting a tweet about the 2020 Galwan clash, which resulted in the deaths of several Indian Army soldiers.

Richa posted on Twitter, saying, “Although it was in no way my intention, if the three words that have sparked this controversy offended or hurt anyone, I sincerely apologise and say that it saddens me to think that even unintentionally, my words may have caused my brothers in the Fauj, of which my own Nanaji was an illustrious member, to feel this way. He was shot in the leg during the Indo-China War as a Lt. Col. in the 1960s. My mother served as a paratrooper. It runs in my family.”

She added, “An entire family is impacted when their son is killed or simply hurt while defending the country, and I can speak from experience since the nation is made up of people just like us. For me, it is a sensitive subject.”

Richa responded on Wednesday to Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi’s assertion that the Indian Army is prepared to carry out instructions like reclaiming Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Galwan says hello, Richa said on her Twitter account after sharing a tweet about the claim.

As soon as she posted this, social media erupted, with individuals attacking her for supposedly disrespecting the army by bringing up the India-China conflict in 2020.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa of the BJP tweeted, “abominable tweet should be withdrawn as soon as possible. It is inappropriate to disparage our armed forces.”

Ram Kadam, a leader in the BJP and a leader from Maharashtra, responded, “The entire nation wants her to apologise to the warriors of our country.”

Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi also made reference to the Defence Minister’s earlier speech, in which he restated New Delhi’s determination to retake Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), promising that all refugees will regain their homes and lands.

According to Lt. General Upendra Dwivedi, “In terms of the Indian Army, it will obey any directives issued by the Indian government. We’ll always be prepared for such instructions when they come.”