Sunday, December 3, 2023

Former IHC to UK calls Rishi Sunak’s appointment “major achievement”

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“He is the country’s first prime minister of colour. The UK is a powerful nation. We all realise that even while we acknowledge that he is the Prime Minister of the UK, it has historically been a colonial power, so for him today, being Prime Minister is a significant accomplishment of which we can all be proud. He would be acting in the best interests of the UK, his own nation. Nevertheless, everyone may enjoy this happy time. And for me personally, since I knew him while I was living in the UK “, the previous Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Ruchi Ghanashyam declared.

The former High Commissioner also praised connections between India and the UK and declared that they will endure no matter who took office.

“Because the two nations now share a global vision, I believe it is vital that India-UK relations continue to be strong, no matter who takes office in the UK. We have similar opinions on a number of subjects, and relations between India and the UK are robust and solid. As for Rishi Sunak, I envision our friendship being much stronger under his leadership.”

The former High Commissioner stressed that the UK’s economic condition is “very challenging” and warned that only time would tell how well he does.

“The UK’s economic condition is exceedingly challenging, but it’s not only the economy; problems with Brexit are still being worked out. For instance, the Northern Ireland problem has not been resolved. Scotland, which was more inclined to want the UK to stay in the EU, is also disenchanted. So he faces all of those difficulties. An extraordinary energy crisis and soaring inflation are present in the UK. He thus has a difficult task ahead of him “she declared.

“I believe that Rishi Sunak’s knowledge and skill were recognised by the enormous support he got from Conservative Party members of Parliament and by his election as Prime Minister without a contest. Consequently, it is a challenging task. How well he does and how effectively he handles those problems won’t be evident for some time. But given that he is well-versed in the logic of economics and finance, we can only wish him well in this challenging position “She said.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Sunak on his election on Twitter and said he was looking forward to collaborating with him to upgrade India-UK relations into a contemporary partnership.

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