Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra: Thousands take to the streets in Himachal against Unemployment

13 September, 2022 | Pranay Lad

Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra Press Release

Day 1: Around 5000 people marched along with RS Bali in the Kangra & Chamba districts More than 4000 people demonstrated against unemployment today by flooding the streets of the Kangra distric...

Day 1: Around 5000 people marched along with RS Bali in the Kangra & Chamba districts

More than 4000 people demonstrated against unemployment today by flooding the streets of the Kangra district in Nagrota, Dharamshala, Kangra, Shahpur, and Kotla.

Shree RS Bali Ji, the secretary of the AICC and the organiser of the Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra, spoke out against the growing unemployment rate.

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He claimed that Himachal Pradesh is one of the top 3 states with the highest unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the state is likewise significantly higher than the 8.1% national average. During the first wave of Covid, the unemployment rate was 26% in Himachal. In our state, 8.82 lakh young people are without jobs, but this number is likely considerably higher because the rural population is undercounted. By the end of this government’s term, the state will owe Rs. 85,000 crores. rising rates of unemployment, soaring gasoline and commodity costs. The average man’s life has become wretched.

RS Baliji said that the BJP government has been avoiding the two primary problems—unemployment and inflation—while speaking to the media in Dharamshala. He added that the BJP government had lied to the people of Himachal and had misled them. He said that local residents no longer have a voice in decision-making. The only thing the BJP is doing is jumlas.

Congress, according to HPYC President Nigam Bhandari, has always supported the nation’s young. Even in 2012, late Shree G.S. Baliji, the transport minister at the time, organised a sizable rozgar sangharsh yatra.

Day 2: 4-day yatra led by AICC Secretary received massive support in Kangra & Chamba districts

On the second day of the Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra, protesters marched through the streets of the district’s Nurpur, Indora, and Jawali constituencies.

Demonstrators urged the present BJP government to avoid tampering with the next generation’s future.

If Congress wins the state of Himachal, according to RS Bali, the AICC Secretary and organiser of the Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra, they would create 5 lakh employment. He also slammed the BJP government, accusing it of betraying the people and of crushing the aspirations and ambitions of millions of students by enacting anti-student laws like Agniveer. Deplorable describes the educational system. This administration simply cares about raising revenue; by demonetisation and now taxing vasooli, they have already robbed the nation.

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RS Bali and Nurpur ex-MLA Ajay Mahajan, Indora ex-MLA Karan Singh Pathania, ex-Minister Sudheer Sharma, and young leaders like Amit Pathania, Nigam Bhandari, Vineet Kamboj, Shibi Chauhan, and Ajaz Chaudhary are among the leaders marching beside them.

Day 3: Demonstrators demanded the present BJP government to quit tampering with the youth’s future.

On the third day of the Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra, the convoy of RS Bali is moving from Nurpur to Chamba by road. In such a situation, when this yatra reached Bhatiyat, RS Bali was warmly welcomed there. A large number of people with musical instruments were waiting for RS Bali in Bhatiyat. On this occasion, RS Bali once again raised slogans of Rozgar Sangharsh Yatra Zindabad, Rahul Gandhi Zindabad, Sonia Gandhi Zindabad, Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad and Congress Party Zindabad.

RS Bali offered prayers at Bhalei Mata Temple in Bhatiyat, Chamba. RS Bali took blessings by bowing his head in the temple of Mata. RS Bali also wished to make Rojgar Sangharsh Yatra a success. On this occasion, thousands of people present with RS Bali in the temple of Mata bowed their heads and started the journey after taking prasad.

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He said that we are moving ahead with the thinking of Shri Rahul Gandhi ji. RS Bali said the generation of the unemployed, the Congress party is moving ahead in view of the generation of the parents. He said that today a train has left for employment, the one who will ride on it will overtake and the one who does not ride will remain. Targeting the government, RS Bali said that this oppressive government did the work of duping people in the name of development. At the same time, he said that the name of the Congress party is written on every brick of the development of the country and the state.

Day 4: Himachal Congress Guarantees 5 lakh jobs & 680 cr startup fund to youth

AICC Secy RS Bali: The INC HP Congress has said that it will create a startup fund of Rs. 10 crore every assembly constituency, for a total Outlay of Rs. 680 crore for 68 constituencies. The young people will be given loans that are interest- and guarantee-free. a variety of support services for startup financial guidance,
The recipients will get technical support, equity managers, etc.

Congress has stated that if elected, they will create 5 lakh employment for young people. The state will fill all open positions and add new employment possibilities. Both the public and private sectors will add jobs.
Government statistics show that the secondary sector now makes up 39.66% of the state’s GDP. The MSME sector accounts for 93% of all industrial sector employment creation. Under this sector, the stage produces goods that are exported annually for 10,000 crores to more than 60 nations. Congress will endeavour to strengthen these industries. It will help with the shift to a secondary and tertiary economy that is less reliant on agriculture.

The availability of jobs will eliminate drug abuse. CM Jairam Thakur has acknowledged that 27% of young people take drugs. Better job possibilities will prevent young people from developing a drug addiction.