Russia rejects claims of Moscow “not ready to negotiate with Ukraine”

1 November, 2022 | Pragati Singh

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Russia revoked allegations of inability to negotiate with Ukraine calling the claim as "deliberate fakes" on Tuesday blamed Kyiv for intentionally staging provocations, in Bucha, Izyum, and around ...

On Tuesday, Russia retracted assertions that it was unable to negotiate with Ukraine, calling the claims “deliberate fakes.” Russia blamed Kyiv for staging provocations in Bucha, Izyum, and surrounding the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as pretexts to derail the negotiations.

“We decisively reject the throw-in information spread in media alleging that Russia is not ready to negotiate with Ukraine,” the statement from Russian embassy read.

“Support direct talks between Kiev and Donbass to implement the Minsk Agreements. But the Ukrainian regime kept sabotaging them resting to continuous bombing of Donbass instead of dialogue. Moreover, the Kiev authorities openly admitted that they did not intend to carry out the agreements from the outset,” it further read.

It added, “Even at the initial stages of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine launched in February this year, we responded positively to the Kiev’s request for peace talks. Russia participated in the negotiation process for the treaty on Ukraine’s neutrality and security assurances. Alas, the Ukrainian side decided to break off negotiations and thereby left unanswered our proposals on a draft treaty of April 15, 2022.”

Noting that Russia is still open to dialogue taking into account present-day realities, the Embassy said that “intentionally staged provocations (in Bucha, Izyum, around Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, etc.) were used as pretexts to ruin the negotiation process.”

“Nevertheless, Russia is still open to dialogue taking into account present-day realities. The same cannot be said of Ukraine. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Ukrainian authorities formalized the ban on talks by approving a presidential executive order to this effect on September 30, 2022,” the embassy said.

“The “collective West” continues to pump more weapons into Ukraine, spending billions of dollars, which clearly demonstrates that they are not committed to diplomacy. Therefore, it is not Russia, but the United States and the Kiev regime that must prove their ability and readiness to negotiate in good faith,” the statement concluded.