Safoora Zargar demands justice from the system she wants to overthrow

30 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Safoora Zargar who was charged under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) was granted bail on humanitarian grounds, she further demands justice from the system.

‪While majority of the students join universities in their pursuit for higher education there are some who do it solely for the purpose of fulfilling their political aspirations. Ever since the coming to power of Narendra Modi government at the center, a breed of so-called student politics has taken over in several Universities of the country. An infamous name that arose of these anarchist movements is that of Safoora Zargar.‬

‪As media coordinator for Jamia Coordination Committee, Zargar has become known for her role in North East Delhi riots. She and her over 50 colleagues from the JCC have been booked by Delhi police for inciting riots in North East Delhi.‬

‪Arrested by Delhi police under the UAPA for her role in riots, Zargar had been pleading for bail on pretext of being pregnant. Much to the horror of victims of North East Delhi violence she was given bail by Delhi Court. Delhi police by not opposing the grant of bail to Safoora Zargar has seemingly created a big question mark over the investigation process into the riots. However, it’s another matter that 44 deliveries had taken in prisons in Delhi. Many believe Zargar was not entitled for any special treatment just because she is pregnant.‬

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‪Interestingly, while Zargar was able to secure bail on humanitarian grounds, it is a historical fact that despite not being convicted Sadhvi Pragya was kept in prison and physically assaulted over a period of 9 years. The assault by ATS officers damaged her lungs and had to be hospitalized.‬

‪It is not the first time that Zargar has had brush with the law. She had earlier been booked for harassing and assaulting Seema Aiman Rizvi, a Muslim activist. The activist had filed an FIR against her for assault and calling her an RSS agent.‬

‪Safoora’s claim to fame is delivering speeches that call for overthrowing of Indian state. Only in India can a Muslim fundamentalist threaten the nation, its people and indulge in criminal activity and successfully get away with it.‬
‪Despite all this, by agreeing to grant of bail to Zargar, Delhi Police have proved its humanitarian stance during Covid 19 outbreak in the national capital. Her getting the bail sheds a light on Indian institutions and legal system are not against the minorities and even the anarchists who are trying desperately to overthrow the system.‬

Though bail doesn’t mean that Zargar has been acquitted, the legal process to seek justice for over 50 people killed in Delhi riots is likely to be a long drawn one. Activists and legal fraternity who are lending support to riot victims in North East Delhi would need to tighten up their act if they want anarchists and fundamentalists like Zargar to stand the trial by the law of the land and be brought to justice.‬

‪(Vivek Bansal is former Media Consultant to Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. He is currently working as a poll strategist and digital media professional. Follow me on Twitter @ivivekbansal)

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