Saharanpur violence: Police detain 18-year-old key conspirator

13 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

According to the police official, 82 persons have been arrested in connection with the incident

Police in Uttar Pradesh detained an 18-year-old teenager on Sunday, suspecting him of being the main conspirator in the violence that erupted in Saharanpur following Friday prayers.

In connection with the event, a police official stated that Muzammil, a madarsa student, was seen inciting groups to join the protests. He was taken into custody. On June 10, following Friday prayers, protests erupted in Saharanpur and other regions of Uttar Pradesh in response to suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s inflammatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad.

“Two of the people involved had been identified, and it was discovered that they had built unlawful structures. Bulldozers were dispatched, and their homes were leveled. Muzammil (18) was spotted inciting and prodding people and groups to participate in protests. He is a madarsa student “Saharanpur Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar stated.

While expanding on the incident, the SP stated, “Another suspect, Salman, is an adult who was engaged in the printing of multiple protest posters. He has been arrested and will be detained. There has been no mention of any ‘financing’ for the incident.”

According to the police official, 82 persons have been arrested in connection with the incident.

“So far, 82 people have been arrested. We’ve discovered CCTV footage that will help us identify them. We’re only going to take action if we have strong proof that we won’t have to let them go “On the protests in Saharanpur after Friday prayers, SP City Rajesh Kumar stated.

Salman, the accused, is accused of playing a key role in the printing and distribution of posters of banned BJP politician Nupur Sharma.

“He also put some posters on the ground so that people’s feet would drop on her face while protesting,” the police official explained.

Shamsher, the owner of the printing press known as ‘A one printing press,’ was also arrested by the authorities.

“Only banners and hoardings are made in the printing press, not booklets,” stated Shamsher’s wife. On the day of the violence, our family was in Mansuri, not Saharanpur. The accusations leveled against my husband are without merit.

On Saturday, Saharanpur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Akash Tomar announced that a joint team of the Saharanpur administration, development authority, magistrate, revenue team, Municipal Corporation, and police had been formed to take action on the illegal properties of the accused in the violent protest incident on June 10.

“We employed bulldozers to demolish the homes of two arrested suspects because they were illegal and without a licence. People are being identified in greater numbers. Any illicit properties discovered will be dealt with in a coordinated manner… We’ll also include the National Security Agency (NSA) “Tomar remarked.

Following the state’s protests, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had a meeting with top officials to discuss the protests and violence, giving officials “independence” and clear instructions to take strict action against the state’s “anti-social elements.”

“The CM has given officers broad authority and unambiguous orders to deal harshly with anti-social elements. Those who take the law into their own hands would be subjected to harsh punishments “UP’s chief marketing officer stated.