Dr Sandip Jha’s Sandip University Has A Thoughtful & Safe Holi Wishes For All The Indians

28 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Sandip University has wished all the Indians a happy and safe holi with a special video message. The heartwarming video will make one nostalgic and keep the spirit of the festival intact.

The festival of colours, Holi, is here. Every year, family and friends come together, splash coloured water and throw colours at each other, and dance their hearts out. However, the pandemic this year has changed everything. Due to safety concerns, people are advised to avoid gathering in groups and physical contact. Sandip Jha – founder of Sandip Foundation founder, Sandip Academy and Sandip University, has wished all the fellow Indians a happy and safe Holi with a special video message.

Due to the pandemic, people might not meet, greet and dance together for Holi. But the University has shared a heartwarming video that will make one nostalgic and keep the festival’s spirit intact. The clip shows us how people from all walks of life celebrate the festival of colours. Sandip University also shared ideas on how to enjoy the festival without risking your and anyone else’s life.

In the video, Sandip University tells people to celebrate Holi privately with near and dear ones. Staying indoors is the best option as it won’t be safe to go out in crowded places. Even for private celebrations with family, one should use non-toxic, water-soluble colours. Avoid touching other people’s face, and the most important one – wear a mask all the time.

Well, that’s not only a sweet wish but also quite thoughtful. Now, talking about founder Sandip Jha, he is the Founder Trustee of Sandip Foundation located in Nashik and Sijoul. In the year 2016 and 2017, Sandip University came into existence in Nashik and Sijoul, respectively. Together, Jha and his universities or foundation have shaped the future of thousands of students in India. One of the major reasons why Sandip Jha is such a well-respected personality in India is the vast 20 years of academic experience he has and his hard work and commitment to providing a better educational experience for students in India.