Gujarat’s Victory to Change Entire Political Image for 2024 Lok Sabha Polls: Shah

26 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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BJP's overwhelming victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections, would transform the "entire political scene" and will also have a positive influence on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections: Shah

Shah cited the BJP’s historic victory in 2022, in which the party won the most seats, shattering both its own and the state’s best record, and said that the results proved Gujarat to be the party’s “stronghold.” The Home Minister made his comments during the Surat City and District BJP’s virtual Sunday felicitation session for newly elected MLAs.

“Many new parties entered this election, making a variety of promises and claims, but all of these parties were destroyed by the results. The outcomes demonstrated that Gujaratis were eager to welcome the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The country has been sent a clear message by today’s overwhelming win that the Gujarat area has been and will continue to be the BJP’s heartland, according to Shah.

“This win in the Gujarat Assembly elections has given workers all around the nation hope, motivation, and vigour. In addition to thanking Gujarat BJP president CR Paatil and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel for the win, he said that this victory will shift the political landscape completely and will positively affect the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In addition to praising the party members, Shah remarked that the workers from the BJP’s booth level-page committee to the state president were responsible for the record-breaking wins in the 2022 assembly elections.

Shah stated, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys enormous popularity among the people of the nation and Gujarat, which explains why he has twice won 26 out of 26 seats in Gujarat in the Lok Sabha.

He also brought up Prime Minister Modi’s campaign stops around the state, saying that they created a “pro-BJP storm” in Gujarat that the party members used to win votes.

“A pro-BJP storm broke out after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s electoral visit to Gujarat, and the workers transformed it into votes,” he claimed.

The home minister praised the BJP’s efforts to advance development in the state’s remote and tribal regions and said that the party has served as an example of an honest and open administration in which no fraud has occurred.

“Gujarati people have consistently placed their trust in the BJP under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, first in 1990 and then again from 1998 until the present day and till 2022. The BJP has been at the forefront of development in remote regions like Kutch, Sagar, and tribal communities.

Aside from this, the BJP has demonstrated how to run an open, sincere, and devoted government by not engaging in any fraud during its tenure. From Gandhinagar to Gram Panchayat, the BJP is present today, “he added.

Shah cited the double-engine governments at the state and the central level when he said that various projects had become practical initiatives.

“Many programs of the Central and State Governments were brought to the ground, and new dimensions of development were developed under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel,” he added.

Further praising the BJP activists, Shah stated that they had put in a lot of effort, went door to door, stayed in touch, and informed the populace of all the government’s accomplishments.

Shah told the party members that the state government must live up to the citizens’ aspirations.

“We are all responsible for spreading PM Modi’s message and his public welfare initiatives throughout the course of the next five years. The BJP is now under more pressure to live up to the hopes and expectations of the public “added he.

The Assembly elections, for which the results were counted on December 8, saw the BJP win a staggering 156 of the 182 seats.