Shahjahanpur: Woman alleges rape in name of halala

14 November, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

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A woman was raped in the guise of halala after her husband gave her triple talaq in Uttar Pradesh's Shahjahanpur, according to a police official.

A woman was raped in the guise of halala after her husband gave her triple talaq in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur, according to a police official.

According to the source, the court ordered the registration of the FIR, after which the investigation into the event began. He promised that the perpetrators would be apprehended and that the inquiry would be conducted scientifically.

“A case has been registered after the order of the court and investigation has been undertaken. The medical tests of the victim woman were conducted. Her statements were recorded in court. Teams have been sent for the arrest of the culprits. Their arrests would be ensured and they will be interrogated. A transparent probe will be done. We will carry on the investigation on the basis of scientific evidence,” S Anand, Superintendent of Police, Shahjahanpur told ANI on Monday.

Earlier, ASP Sanjay Kumar had said, “The court ordered the registration of a case by a woman who alleged that she was first divorced by triple talaq and was raped in the name of halala. The case has been registered, and is being probed”.

Speaking to ANI, the victim woman alleged that she was forced to get married to her husband’s brother-in-law after he gave her triple talaq in anger. She alleged that she was thrashed by her husband and no action was taken against him when she complained about him to her mother-in-law.

“I got married in 2017 to a man named Salman. He established a forceful relationship with me on the first night. He did not have the right intention. When I complained to my mother-in-law, she did not listen. Whenever I used to get angry, he thrashed me and broke my hand,” she alleged.

“He gave me triple talaq in anger. When I started packing my stuff, he said that he would call the cleric. I was sent to the village for the halala with Irfan. He kept me for 10 days for halala. Salman went there in anger and brought me back. My brother-in-law established relations with me forcefully,” the victim woman added.

Expressing discontent against the police. she claimed that her case was not registered at the police stations, because of which she had to knock the door of the courts.

“My complaint was not registered at the police stations. I then went to the court. I have filed cases against Salman, Munni, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and others,” she alleged.

Bal Singh, the advocate representing her in the court said, “A woman had come with her father and told me about her marriage that took place in 2017. Her husband tortured her from the very first day. She told her family about it but they overlooked the issue. She was thrashed and was given triple talaq. A complaint was filed in the police station but no action was taken. A letter was given to the SP but no action took place. I presented her case in court and the court ordered the registration of the FIR and the conduct of an investigation”.

The advocate claimed that both the men kept her with them together after the halala.
“She told me that she was married to her brother-in-law for halala. Now, both of them are keeping her together. She was thrashed in which her hand got fractured,” he claimed.