Shivam Birk making his mark in music industry by creating right noise

16 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

Shivam Birk Entertainment

A well known name in Punjabi and Hindi music industry, Shivam Birk entered the music industry with a devotional song titled “Rahu Naam Tera”. His music production house named, “JBD Production” has ...

Shivam Birk is well known name in Punjabi and Hindi music industry now for his impeccable work ethics and creative touch to the overall process of creating a song or music video. It is well known fact that artists are creative beings and this is completely true about Shivam Birk, as being from Birk village near Phagwara city of Punjab, music is in his blood and from the very young age, Shivam decided to follow his passion about music and created a music production house named, “JBD Production” under which there have been multiple projects are being worked upon and several hit and catchy party songs and music videos already presented in front of the audience, most notably song named “Italy” which was aesthetically shot in Italy which enhance the mass appeal of the music video and it became instant hit.

In the process to make it big, everyone has to start from somewhere and when Shivam decided to enter in the music industry he planned to create a devotional song named “Rahu Naam Tera” to get the blessings for almighty for moving ahead on success path and with hard work, perseverance and good work ethics have helped him to reach where he is today.

Apart from being a successful music producer and composer, Shivam is a lyricist which helps him to understand and control the nuances of musical journey of a song. Being a lyricist, Shivam has a conclusive advantage in song creation process because sometimes he has not only to write the correct and soothing words to a song but can also write the music to make it more influential. He has an excellent idea of composing music too, therefore, he is known as allrounder in music fraternity.

Creating music and a whole song with music video is never easy for anyone, there is whole team behind who work tirelessly to make a project successful and being a music producer, Shivam has to make split second decisions like a film director as to convey his vision of the song to whole team, be it audio engineer, the musician or the singer is very critical because to get the best out of everyone is a difficult task in which Shivam does excels now.

Shivam understand that being a music producer, composer, and a lyricist, it is his duty to make the song competitive enough in the market where so many other great songs are already available. Sagar has all the great ideas about quite a few genres of music and this helps him to identify the potential of every technicians, creative members of the team and make them perform the way a great song needs to be sing, written, and composed.

Shivam as per the requirement, can handle any role, he can engineer and mix the song as well as write the lyrics also, he can play many instruments, choose co-writers and many other relevant things which makes a project successful. When he chooses any project to work on, he is all in to make it a hit song and music video.