Smriti Irani lambasts RaGa, demands apology for ‘Undemocratic rant’ against India

15 March, 2023 | Vaishali Sharma

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"Rahul Gandhi invoked foreign powers by visiting a country whose history has been to enslave India," Smriti Irani slammed Rahul Gandhi on his London Speech.

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday continued to slam Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on his speech in London where he alleged that democracy in India was under attack.

Union Minister Smriti Irani demanded that Gandhi apologize for his ‘undemocratic rant’ against India. She said, “Mr. Gandhi, democracy is not in peril, but the Congress Party has been brought to political perish by the people of India for this very behaviour that you exhibited against the nation overseas.”

“Every Indian citizen demands an apology from Rahul Gandhi to the Indian Parliament which is a voice of Indian people and their will. Gandhi is busy ranting about India on foreign soil and has not only attacked the Parliament, but also the Supreme Court and the Election Commission of India (ECI),” she stated.

Irani also alleged that Gandhi’s remarks stemmed from his hate towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She pressed the Congress leader on his assertion that opposition leaders are not permitted to speak at universities.

“You said that you do not have the right to speak at any university in the country. If so, in 2016, when the slogan ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ was raised at a university in Delhi, you backed it, what was that?,” she asked.

“Rahul Gandhi invoked foreign powers by visiting a country whose history has been to enslave India. While tearing down India’s democratic systems, he expressed regret that why foreign forces do not come back and attack India,” Irani further said.

Gandhi’s comments at his alma mater Cambridge University — that Indian democracy is under attack and several politicians, including himself, are under surveillance — have become the latest flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP. The BJP has accused him of “defaming” the country abroad after repeated electoral defeats.