South Korea Foreign Minister Park visits Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Rajghat, pays tribute

8 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met with his South Korean colleague to discuss the future of the India-South Korea Special Strategic Partnership.

On Saturday, South Korea’s Foreign Minister, who is on a two-day state visit to India, paid respect to Mahatma Gandhi at his memorial in Rajghat, New Delhi. Park Jin signed the visitor’s book at Rajghat after placing a wreath. The minister praised Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha attitude, saying he had always treasured his lessons for democracy and human rights. He also mentioned that his first visit to India was 27 years ago.

“I visited India 27 years ago, it was my first to India. I always cherish his (Mahatma Gandhi) noble spirit of Satyagraha,” the Foreign Minister of South Korea said.

“I hope we can pursue contributive diplomacy together with India, which is Korea’s special strategic partner to contribute to freedom, peace, and prosperity to the world,” he added.

South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin’s travel to India coincides with the 50th anniversary of the two nations’ diplomatic relations. Arindam Bagchi, the official spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), welcomed Park Jin to India on Friday, saying his visit will assist enhance the India-South Korea Strategic Partnership.

On Friday, Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met with his South Korean colleague to discuss the future of the India-South Korea Special Strategic Partnership.

“Glad to welcome @FMParkJin of Republic of Korea on his first official visit to India,” Jaishankar tweeted on Friday.

“Our discussions today will take forward our Special Strategic Partnership,” he added.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Park Jin discussed a variety of topics, including India as a “soft powerhouse” and the viral “Naatu Naatu” song from the film “RRR,” which won an Oscar this year, saying he was pleased that the Korean embassy here paid special attention to the film and that both countries require extensive cultural exchange.

“Naatu Naatu dance is really popular in Korea. I saw the movie myself which is a fantastic movie and story. I think it was extraordinary and I am very glad that our embassy has given special attention to Naatu, Naatu and the movie. They demonstrated music, singing and dancing to the Indian public which I think is a great way to communicate with each other,” the Minister said.

“I love Bollywood movies, I saw 3 idiots and Chennai Express. I think we need a wider cultural exchange between the two countries especially among the young generation to understand each other and to appreciate India’s culture and vice versa,” he added.

Park stated that the two countries’ strategic alliance is mutually beneficial.

“Korea and India have a special strategic partnership. This is very special relationship through which we can work together with the same vision towards the future and I think that we should make full advantage of this special relationship for our mutually beneficial relationship in the future”.

The visiting Foreign Minister expressed confidence about India’s G20 presidency, saying that South Korea would be delighted to collaborate with India.