Thursday, November 30, 2023

Gujarat: 6 Injured in Stone Pelting at Navratri Celebrations in Kheda

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Stones were thrown during a Garba ceremony during Navratri celebrations in Gujarat’s Kheda, injuring at least six persons.

This happened on Monday night during the Navratri celebrations in Undhela village. Nine persons have been detained in connection with the event thus far.

Meanwhile, other videos have emerged showing the police team employing force on the accused who were detained for throwing stones at the Garba celebration.

During a garba event here, Bajrang Dal activists and bouncers from the minority community fought.

The incident occurred on Monday night, and one bouncer was hurt and sent to the hospital. As soon as the cops arrived, the situation was under control, and the garba event continued.

During a surprise inspection on Sunday night, Bajrang Dal activists discovered that the Thakor Vadi garba organiser had recruited a security force that included Muslim bouncers.

The activists had asked the organiser to cancel the security service and ensure that no Muslim bouncers were on duty, even though on Monday night Muslim bouncers were at the event’s security gate, when activists asked their names, they gave false identities with Hindu names, resulting in the clash, according to a local Bajrang Dal activist.

Separately, police detained 40 people in Vadodara on Monday after fights erupted between two groups of different religions at a vegetable market in Savli town.

According to PR Patel of the Vadodara Rural Police, a local group hung an Islamic flag to an electric pole in anticipation of a Muslim celebration. However, another group took offence because of the surrounding temple.

Clashes erupted when the Hindu group proceeded to express how their religious sensibilities had been harmed.

A police officer reportedly stated that the stone pelting caused damage to many neighbouring automobiles.

On late Saturday night, both parties filed FIRs, and a case was filed against 43 persons for rioting, unlawful assembly, rash act endangering human life, and other violations of the Indian Penal Code.

“A police report has been filed. 25 and 15 persons have been arrested from both sides. “Police patrolling is taking place,” claimed a Vadodara police official.

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