Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri shot dead during protest in Amritsar

5 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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The accused has been taken into custody, and the crime-scene weapon has been confiscated.

Sudhir Suri, the head of the Shiv Sena (Taksali), was killed by gunfire on Friday afternoon while participating in a demonstration in a crowded portion of Amritsar.

When the suspect, known as Sandeep Singh, opened fire with his authorized.32 bore pistol, local law enforcement officers and Punjab Police officers tasked with Suri’s security were present. Suri was shot five times, and after being brought to a hospital, he passed away from his wounds.

After shooting Suri, the suspect walked into a nearby house, where police found him.

After posters and shattered idols of gods were allegedly discovered on the side of the road close to the Gopal Mandir temple, Suri began to demonstrate against the management of the nearby temple.

The accused, Singh, operates two stores close to Gopal Mandir. Sena employees made repairs to one of his shops and his automobile after the event.

The attack on Suri is still under investigation by the police, but Prabhjot Singh Virk, additional deputy commissioner of police in Amritsar, says it was not planned in advance.

Later, Punjab Director General of Police Gaurav Yadav told the media that police were looking into every possibility.

Punjab has a stellar track record of intercommunal peace. Please don’t spread false rumours. Amritsar’s situation is under control. The protest site is close to (the accused’s) clothing store. Never having met Sudhir Suri, he We will provide the media with all relevant information. The DGP stated, “I do not wish to comment on the line of inquiry.

Arunpal Singh, the police commissioner in Amritsar, issued a statement in which he stated: “There was a dispute about the management of the Gopal temple between two parties, and the Suri group was sitting on dharna near the temple. During the dharna, there were disputes between the two sides, and Sandeep Singh started shooting. Further inquiry is being conducted, according to the statement.

Ashok Sharma, a close adviser to Suri, said that Khalistani organisations were responsible for the assault.

“Sudhir Suri received daily threats to his lifeā€¦ We had requested more security for him from the Punjabi administration. Terrorists from the Khalistan region killed him, according to Sharma.

On Saturday, a bandh has been declared across Punjab by the Shiv Sena. After Suri’s death, demonstrators in Amritsar stopped the ring road.

Suri had earlier on Friday gone live on Facebook in front of Gopal Mandir and requested the police file a FIR against the management of the temple for inciting animosity among Hindus. Suri claimed to have discovered religious posters and statues at a garbage dump in front of the temple. Then he began to demonstrate close to the temple.

Before the shooting, there was reportedly a small altercation between Suri’s followers and those of the temple administration.

Additionally, when Suri was speaking at the protest site, it was visible that the accused was standing behind him.

Suri was shot while seated on the ground and surrounded by his followers, members of the temple administration, and neighbourhood police officers.
Arunpal Singh, the police commissioner, must be fired, according to Aam Adami Party MLA Kunwar Vijay Partap of Amritsar North.

“I previously told Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann that Arunpal is ineligible for the position of police commissioner. These occurrences take place daily. I have once more asked the chief minister of Punjab to dismiss Arunpal Singh,” he stated.