BJP’s Sushil Modi: Same-Sex Relationships Okay, Not Marriages

20 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Sushil Modi said, "Living together as same-sex partners is one thing, but granting them legal status is quite another."

While same-sex relationships are OK, allowing such marriages will lead to issues on many levels, including “divorce and adoption,” according to Sushil Modi of the BJP, who spoke against same-sex marriages in Parliament today. The MP had raised an objection to it in the context of social and cultural issues earlier today in Rajya Sabha.

Any law should, in his opinion, also take into account local customs and cultures. We should evaluate Indian society and the willingness of the populace to embrace it.

“Same-sex partnerships are no longer illegal. However, marriage is a pavitra sanstha and shadi (sacred institution). Living together as same-sex partners is one thing, but granting them legal status is quite another “Added he. In an affidavit, the administration has opposed it in front of the Supreme Court.

Same-sex marriage has “a lot of concerns,” according to Mr. Modi. “You also need to change a lot of behaviours. The Special Marriage Act, the Maintenance Act, and the Divorce Act. And what about adoption, divorce, and succession? There are numerous problems, “added said.

“Make India distinct from the West. Make India different from America,” he added.

When questioned about the protests in this regard, Mr. Modi responded, “I am unable to argue with liberal and leftists. This is just my view “.

Four gay couples sought the Supreme Court to find a method to recognise same-sex weddings, prompting the issue to come up before parliament today. Parliament is unlikely to provide any relief in this situation. While a 2018 judgement upheld the constitutional rights of LGBTQ persons, activists claim that same-sex marriages—a fundamental right of heterosexual couples—do not have the same legal support.

Although there has been LGBT advocacy since the 1990s, no administration had overturned a law that had been in place since the colonial era. The Supreme Court struck down the legislation and decriminalised homosexuality in 2018.

Since then, the BJP-led government has resisted legalising same-sex unions. The law ministry has previously opposed same-sex unions and stated that the courts should not be involved in the enactment of laws, which is the purview of parliament.

Earlier today, Mr. Modi expressed a similar viewpoint in parliament, saying that a few judges “can’t sit and deliberate” on such a crucial issue for society.

“Any uncodified personal law, such as the Muslim Personal Law, or any codified statutory legislation in India do not recognise or acknowledge same-sex marriage. Same-sex unions will completely upend the nation’s careful balance of personal laws,” he said.