Tea for the Soul: Chef Pallavi, tea-preneur Karan’s ‘Chai Pe Charcha’

13 March, 2023 | Pragati Singh

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Karan Shah, Director Society Tea & Pallavi Nigam Sahay, renowned chef & tea connoisseur talk about all things tea at the wellness conclave ‘Ageing Blissfully’.

Pallavi Nigam Sahay, renowned chef and tea connoisseur and Karan Shah, director, Society Tea, kept the audiences regaled on Day 2 of the ‘Ageing Blissfully’ conclave. The duo spoke about the seemingly routine activity of  drinking tea can become a deeply relaxing time for the soul.

Whisking words and flavours with equal finesse, chef and author Pallavi talked about how a cup of tea involves all the five senses and becomes a meditative exercise. Karan Shah, director, Society Tea, spoke about the rich legacy of tea in India. The interactive session which also included delicious tea tasting by Society Tea left the participants enthralled and with a first-hand experience of what the speakers were trying to communicate.

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Ageing Blissfully, Day 2: (L-R) Megha Sharma, Executive Editor, NewsX, Anuja Choudhary, founder, The Positivity Project Foundation, Pallavi Nigam Sahay, renowned chef and tea connoisseur, Karan Shah, director, Society Tea, and Sangitha Singh, founder, The Positivity Project Foundation.

It was a very interactive session with participants enquiring Karan about and the inspiration behind building a brand with such an excellent reputation. Karan informed that Society Tea considered the changing sensibilities of the consumers while drawing on the inspiration for the expansion of the product portfolio.

On the conclusion of the wellness conclave, Chef Pallavi Nigam said, ‘Tea has always played an important role in my life and the entire process of brewing tea, preparing teatime snacks for my loved ones helps bring the needed love and camaraderie in my life. I am happy if my experience helped the participants discover how to bring awareness and add beauty to the routine activities in life.’’

Karan Shah, Director, of Society Tea said, ‘Three generations of my family have been involved in the Tea of industry before me.  I feel I owe to my customers to give them the best. Not only in taste , me and my dedicated team ensure that our factory adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and utmost care is taken during each and every step right from procurement to when the product reaches our customer.

Pallavi, the Muscat-based chef is multifaceted and has left her mark on TV shows, cookbooks, and online platforms. She recently published her book titled “A sip in Time” which brings alive the history and culture of beverages in India.

Society Tea in its pursuit of excellence and desire to spread joy has also expanded its products portfolio and introduced delicious pickles, shakes, and instant tea.