Tejashwi Yadav slams Bihar govt over lack of coronavirus testing, poor quarantine facilities

20 May, 2020 | newsx bureau


There is not enough testing, it is neither possible to assess the severity of the problem nor to find its solution, said RJD's Tejashwi Yadav.

Leader of Opposition in Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav, has slammed the Bihar government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, stating there aren’t enough testing centres in the state and that quarantine facilities for migrant workers reaching the state are very poor.

“As the opposition, our role is to make the state government realise their shortcomings and take up issues related to people through constructive criticism. We have been telling and requesting the government that it is far behind in terms of conducting COVID-19 tests. There was only paperwork in the name of screening. Till there is not enough testing, it is neither possible to assess the severity of the problem nor to find its solution,” said a press release translated from Hindi.

“We have requested the Chief Minister that ideally there should be corona testing centres in every district. We have even said that at least in every division, a testing center should be made available as soon as possible. Each division should have a corona dedicated hospital,” it said.

The release also alleged that Bihar’s health system has been destroyed in the last 15 years and that there is a shortage of PPE kits, testing kits and ventilators.

“We have called for testing of migrant workers entering the state and that there should be proper arrangement for their quarantine. Social distancing is not followed in quarantine centres in Bihar and also there are no masks, etc. The situation of quarantine centres is such that they themselves have become a spot for spreading the infection,” the RJD leader said.

“The government is not paying any attention to corruption and loot going on in the name of relief operations,” he said.

He further said that most migrant workers are not quarantined. For many, the tests were not conducted. “Some have escaped from quarantine centres due to lack of facilities there. Thousands of migrants reached their homes without any primary testing. The government lacks the will to keep people in quarantine. Food and lodging facilities are poor in the quarantine centres.”

“There are some videos and audios in which the government officials are asking migrants to go to their home instead of staying in quarantine centres. Even after getting information about the migrants directly going to their homes, the administration is not taking any note of it,” the press release said.

“Due to the state government’s negligence, coronavirus is tightening its grip in the state. The government is relaxed regarding screening, testing, cure, prevention and spreading awareness about the coronavirus. We have asked the government to strictly implement four important steps of Test, Isolate, Treat, and Trace. The government had three months time to prepare but neither its preparations are seen nor its seriousness on the issue,” it further said.

“It is sad that the government has put the governance itself in lockdown. The Chief Minister is conducting meetings and issues press releases one after another but the real management of the situation has shown no improvement,” the press release said.

“Did the government have no idea about testing and quarantine of migrant labours and about providing them with basic facilities. Why the government is not serious on this issue and inviting infection to spread further,” Tejashwi questioned.