Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao says comprehensive farmers’ policy will ensure MSP

29 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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CM KCR warned that the government would take stern action against those selling the spurious seeds, fertilisers and pesticides.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Wednesday, April 29, said that the Telangana state is becoming rice bowl of the country due to the record level paddy being cultivated in the state following improvement in the irrigation facilities. CM said a comprehensive strategy is being worked out to get reasonable support price for the agriculture produce, as there is an increase in the yield and acreage.

The CM instructed the officials concerned to construct and additional 40 Lakh tonnes capacity godowns and 2500 Farmer daises. He also wanted finalization of policy for Rythu Bandhu Samithis to play an active role. The CM wanted farmers to purchase the fertilisers for the month of June as the stock of fertilisers are available now. The CM warned that the government would take stern action against those selling the spurious seeds, fertilisers and pesticides.

The CM held a high-level meeting here on Tuesday at Pragathi Bhavan on procurement of agriculture produce of the Rabi, availability of fertilisers, construction of Godowns, Farmers’ Daises, getting supportive price for the produce, extension of the civil supplies services, activating the Rythu Bandhu Samithis and other issues. Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy, Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, Principal secretary Narsing Rao, Principal Secretary to Agriculture Janardhan Reddy, Rythu Bandhu Samithi State’s president Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman  Mareddy Srinivas Reddy, CMO Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal and others participated.

Farmer’s situation improved in Telangana

“The life of Telangana is associated with agriculture. There are 60-65 Lakh farmers in the State. There are so many others lives are dependent on agriculture sector. Since farmers were in the unorganised sector and due to negligence and failure of the past government to work with commitment, farmers have suffered a lot in the past. Agriculture went into a crisis. After the Telangana state was formed and TRS came to power, due to many farmer welfare and agriculture development measures taken by the government, the situation changed for the better. There is still a lot to be done for the agriculture development and for welfare of farmers,” the CM said.

Comprehensive policy for better supportive price from crops

“As the government has taken on top priority construction of irrigation projects, in the days to come, about 1300 TMC of Godavari and Krishna waters would be utilised. Availability of water for irrigation improved due to tanks revival works done under Mission Kakatiya, 24-hour- free power supply. Under projects, tanks and borewells, there is a possibility of having two crops in 1.45 Crore acres and three crops in 10 Lakh acres. Then the Telangana State will become Rice Bowl of India. The yield will be doubled in the years to come. It is our bounden duty to finalise a strategy to get the support price. Agriculture department, Civil Supplies department and Rythu Bandhu Samithies should grow

Food Processing through Civil Supplies

“ Since the farmers are in distress due to the existing Corona virus situation prevailing, the state government now is buying each and every morsel produced by farmers and this is done in anywhere in the country. Farmers should get their support price in future too. The Civil Supplies Department should expand its services so that farmers would get their support price, people would get their rice and pulses at reasonable rates. The Civil Supplies department should buy paddy, Grams, Pulses and mill them into rice, pulses through the food processing units and supply to the people. This would help farmers get their proper support price for their produce and people get their quality essential commodities at cheap rates. The Civil Supplies department should prepare action plan in this direction and implement it,” the CM said.

“The practice of every farmers going for the same crop should be done away with. Farmers should go in for crops, which have demand in the markets. The agriculture department should suggest which crop should be grown in which area. Farmers should go in for crops as suggested by the Agriculture department. The government should procure the yield. Crops should be cultivated in a regulatory manner. Procurement should also be done in a regulatory manner. We are ready bring in legislations if need be in this regard. Agriculture department should identify crops which are in demand in market and which are in need for people. They should also identify which soil is best suited for which crop. They should provide guidance to farmers. Record who is cultivating which crop.” the CM explained.

“As there is increase in crops cultivation, there is more demand for fertilisers and pesticides and seeds. Based on this, the government is keeping the stocks of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides ready. This monsoon season, there is a need for 22.30 lakh tonnes fertilisers. Arrangements are being made to keep the fertilisers available for farmers. Fertilisers required for June are ready. Hence farmers should purchase them in the month of May. Farmers should not crowd the fertilisers’ shops but purchase them in a proper manner. AEOs should coordinate the farmers,” the Cm suggested.

Additionally 40 Lakh tonnes capacity Godowns

“Due to the efforts by the TRS government in the past five years, Godowns with a capacity of 22.5 Lakh tonnes are available in the State. Now we need to construct an additional 40 Lakh Tonnes capacity Godowns. Ensure that in rural areas there is one Godown per Assembly segment. Based on availability of government lands, construct godowns at mandal centres. Since old mandals have godowns, ensure that the Godowns are constructed in the newly formed mandals. Agriculture produce, fertilisers, PDS rice have to be stored in the godowns. Hence finish the construction of Godowns in seven to eight months,” the CM instructed.

2500 Farmers daises

“Construct farmers Daises all over the State immediately to help farmers interact with one another. We have created one Cluster per every 5000 acres. We have appointed one Agriculture Extension officer at every Cluster. For farmers to assembly and discuss per cluster construct 2500 daises,” the CM said.

Rythu Bandhu Samithis to play an active role

“The government has formed Rythu Bandhu Samithies with a greater conviction to make the farmers a united force. These Samithies, which are created to be helpful to farmers, should play an active role. Prepare an action plan on what Rythu Bandhu Samithies should do? How they should become helpful to farmers,” the CM instructed the officials.

Don’t produce seeds through agents’ help

“Farmers in places like Gadwal or developing the seeds. But they are doing this through agents but not through the companies. These are causing problems to farmers. Hence farmers who are developing seeds should do so in direct contact with the companies,” the Cm suggested.

“The government is acting sternly as far as spurious seeds, fertilisers and pesticides. We are registering cases under PD Act against those indulging in spurious seeds, fertilisers and pesticides sale. The Intelligence department had already identified such culprits and kept a tab on them. We are taking severe measures so that there will not be any spurious seeds, fertilisers or pesticides in the State. In case if anyone indulging in the crime we will severely punish them,” the CM warned.