Telangana congress suspects government’s role in sensational Advocate Couple’s Murder case

4 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Telangana congress suspects government’s role in sensational Advocate Couple’s Murder case National

Dr. Sravan Dasoju, AICC National Spokesperson, slammed KT Rama Rao (KTR), Minister for Industries, IT, Municipal Administration, and Urban Development, for his fake sympathy shown in the murder of ...

AICC National Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju while addressing the media at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday lambasted KT Rama Rao (KTR), Minister for Industries, IT, Municipal Administration, and Urban Development, over his false sympathy showered on Advocate couple’s murder. According to him, it was an absolute murder by the government which has filed a case in the Supreme court against the deceased lawyer Vamana Rao and got a setback on it.

“Neither KCR nor KTR visited or mourned the death of the Advocate couple – Vamana Rao and Nagamani. Even the Home Minister didn’t visit the crime location. Police and the government have colluded in this entire saga. Moreover, the Government has filed a special leave petition against Vamana Rao in the Supreme Court in which it had faced a setback. In a matter of days, the lawyer couple murder took place, which amplifies the ‘Modus Operandi’ of the government system. By resorting to such heinous activities, you are making Telangana like UP and Bihar in violence”, Dr. Sravan alleged.

The senior Congress Party leader further criticized CM KCR and Minister KTR for shamelessly meeting advocates at Telangana Bhavan to seek their votes for MLC elections. He stated that none of the sincere Advocates who fought for Telangana appointed as a Public Prosecutor or a Government Pleader (GP), including Chandra Shekhar Reddy who was severely beaten up by present TRS leaders Talasani, Teegala, and their gang.

All the promises such as allocation of house sites remained broken. Given just 53,000 non-functioning health insurance cards, through a namesake trust with a meager amount of Rs 100 crore corpus. The government is not giving Rs 1 – 2 Crore of mandatory funds to Bar Council every year. No monthly stipend to the Junior Lawyers for sustenance.

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TRs govt is not giving a matching grant of Rs. 4 Lakhs towards Ex-gratia in addition to what is being paid by the Bar Council of Telangana to the deceased advocates, which is practiced in Andhra Pradesh. Almost 56 families of deceased advocates were deprived of support from Govt of Telangana.

Dr. Sravan lamented that the government has not recognized the original Telangana agitators and advocates but, the attackers and anti-Telangana leaders are being given top positions in the TRS Party and also in the government.

“Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Teegala Krishna Reddy, are now frontline leaders in the TRS Party who have attacked the sincere Telangana advocates. So, you have no moral right to seek votes from Advocates and Graduates in the election”, Dr. Sravan said.

While welcoming KTR’s remarks on job figures, who reportedly admitted the shortfall of recruitment in Telangana during a meeting with Advocates, Dr. Sravan, however, asked the Minister that he should explain why he did not fill up the vacant 1.9 lakhs of govt jobs and regularize more than one lakh of contract employees. He further asked why can’t fulfill the aspirations of millions of unemployed youth by issuing job notifications. He has asked KTR to visit the Universities to personally test the state of desperation in which Graduates are in waiting for a job notification.

The AICC leader reiterated that the Congress party only has given regular notifications and filled lakhs of government, jobs in the past. “Past CM YS Rajashekhar Reddy has given a jumbo DSC Notification in which 50,000 teacher posts were filled. Kiran Kumar Reddy provided Skill Development and Training for 5,00,000 unemployed youth by spending over Rs 770 Crore. Eminent personalities like Rama Dorai, GMR, GVK, MyHome Rameshwar Rao were roped in as advisors to this skilling program later becoming role models to the entire India. Why can’t you take the experiences from KC Reddy or Shantha Kumari, IAS, on this to implement the same to benefit lakhs of unemployed to get jobs in various private sector companies? This can immensely benefit them during the adverse times of Covid-19”, Dr. Sravan said.

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“When TSPSC itself is functioning without its head and members and only 80 employees out of 300 required, how can we believe that you have conviction and commitment to fulfill the promises made? You must come up with a comprehensive employment policy if you are serious about employment issues. Why have the vacancies number gone up to 1.91 lakhs from 1.07 lakhs in 2014”, Dr. Sravan asked.

Terming BJP State President Bandi Sanjay’s letter to KTR on the ITIR project as a love letter, Dr. Sravan asked both BJP and TRS to stop writing love letters on the issue but, to immediately initiate the project with the state funds following the DPR prepared by the then Congress government. “It just requires Rs 13,000 Crore but can create about 60 lakh direct and indirect jobs and attract over Rs 2.5 lakh investments. When Govt of Telangana could spend lakhs of crores for the Kaleshwaram irrigation project without CWC and GoI approval and that too by taking exorbitant loans violating the FRBM limits, why can’t Rs 13000 crores are allocated for ITIR, Sravan pointed.

So spend Rs 13000 Crores and create infrastructure for setting up ITIR and then simultaneously Let us together make war against Center to secure required Tax Incentives, Import and Exports benefits among others. Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Congress Party, who loves the idea of “Make in Telangana”, will be ready to fight along with our MPs Revanth Reddy, Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy, and Uttam Kumar Reddy. If a single Cyber Towers (Hitec-City Building) could bring an IT revolution in Hyderabad, imagine what if an ITIR project is grounded”, he suggested.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sravan sought the support of Graduates to their candidates – Chinna Reddy and Ramulu Naik in the MLC elections and requested them to give the Congress party ONE chance to fight on behalf of them until all the pending issues are resolved.

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